Apocalypse Flood

Flooding in the Midwest a

Sign of the Apocalypse?

Minot, North Dakota is just the most recent, and first of many others being evacuated due to excessive flooding this season.  The Souris River is the culprit in the case of the North Dakota flooding which is a hot topic in the news, but is it a sign of the Apocalypse?  Many believe that this flood, combined with the other Mississippi River flooding, is in fact a sign that End Times are among us, and that the Apocalypse is near.

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Judgement Day 2011 is expected on October 21 2011, and this seems to fall right in line with the timeline that the Bible gives leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus for the Rapture.  Flooding will kill millions of acres of crops, causing food shortages in the surrounding areas, leading to another sign of the apocalypse, Famine.  God is giving us the signs of the Rapture coming, but many are ignoring those signs.

Prophecies for 2011

In case you aren’t aware of the prophecy 2011 that the Rapture will come on October 21, here is you’re quick lesson.  Harold Camping of Family Radio, based in Oakland California, declared that May 21 would be Judgement Day.  On May 21 the Rapture would come, and bring the true believers to Heaven, leaving the rest of humanity to suffer for 5 months under the rule of Jesus during the Apocalypse.  Then, October 21 2011 God would cause the End of the World.

It turned out that Camping made a “mathematical error” and now states that everything (Judgement Day, The Rapture, and The End of the World) will call come on October 21, rather than in stages his previous 2011 Prophecy stated.  The river floods in the midwest may cause the domino effect stated above that are signs of the Apocalypse.  Flooding leads to Famine, Famine leads to Disease, Disease leads to death – the cycle is not a pretty picture. Don’t ignore the signs of the Apocalypse 2011!  Find a Church and get praying!



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