Did Steve Jobs Know Jesus?

Did Steve Jobs Know Jesus Christ?  

The Answer will Surprise You…

Apple CEO and CoFounder, Steve Jobs was pronounced dead after losing his fight with pancreatic cancer, on the afternoon of Wednesday October 5, 2011.  This comes just 16 days before Harold Camping’s predicted End of the World Date of October 21 2011, and many wonder if Steve Jobs knew Jesus.  Did Steve Jobs Know Jesus?  Did Steve Jobs believe in God?  The answer to these questions might surprise you.

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There are reports that Steve Jobs was a buddhist, despite being raised Catholic.  While Jobs led a private, and publicly non-religious life, it is very possible that the very common sensical man also believed in the non-sensical world of religion as well.  SteveJobs was a very public businessman, and private family man.  Perhaps he was simply selected to be saved by Jesus before the rest of us.

Did Steve Jobs believe in God?  God Believed in Steve…

That’s right, the wealthy get preferential treatment, even in Heaven.  Judgement Day 2011 is coming on October 21st, and Jesus will return to save those that God has selected to spend eternity in Heaven with him.  Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and Jani Lane are all examples of lives that God has taken before their time before the October 21st Rapture, because while they typically wouldn’t fall under the normal Judgement Day selection process.

Jobs, main inspiration for the Pirates of Silicon Valley.  Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two of the men who have brought the world closer to what many believe will be the mark of the devil in the form of implanted digital chips, but Jesus appears to have taken Jobs from us to make sure he gets first dibs on housing in Heaven.

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  1. Ron says:

    You guys are nuts. Steve Jobs does not believe in god. He believed in budism.

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