East Coast Earthquake a Sign of The End of the World

Earthquake in D.C. shakes East Coast – Another Sign of the End of the World

A 5.9 Earthquake struck Washington D.C. today, shaking the East Coast from Virgina to New York.  This is just another sign that the End of The World is near, and that Jesus will soon return to Earth.  The Book of Revelations tells us that Earthquakes will signal the Rapture, and the End of Days.  Earthquakes like today’s on the East Coast do not fit the typical pattern of seismic activity, suggesting that it was a Sign from God that Judgement Day 2011 is coming soon.

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Sure, you could ignore today’s large 5.8 Earthquake that shocked the entire East Coast, including major cities like Washington D.C. and New York City, but we highly suggest you pay attention.  The Rapture 2011 is clearly coming soon, and the date of October 21.  Pray Hard, and pay attention to the signs of the end of the world coming now so that God will reward you on Judgement Day 2011 by saving you in the Rapture.

What to Watch For – End of the World is Near

The 5.8 Earthquake that struck the East Coast is not the first sign that the End of the World is near, and that the 2011 Rapture is coming soon.  We have been seeing signs from God for years that Judgement Day would soon come.  Now that we have an exact date of October 21, 2011, we warn that there will be more devastating signs that the Second Coming of Jesus is right around the corner.  Expect to see more Earthquakes in Los Angeles, and all over the world, as well as flooding and anarchy.  The situation in Lybia and rioting in London were also prime examples of signs that the End of the World is near.

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