End of the World October 21st

End of The World is coming October 21st

Jay Leno brought up the fact that Harold Camping’s End of the World prediction is back, with October 21st as the date.  Back in May when Camping had originally predicted the 2011 Rapture would come, it was difficult to escape his message as it spread wildly across the internet, and throughout the media.  Like the boy who cried wolf, Camping’s End of the World, October 21st prediction isn’t getting nearly as much coverage as before.

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Camping’s Empire is run from Oakland, California, and has a large following due to the Family Radio Network.  With less than a week until the predicted End of the World on October 21st, media stories and internet buzz sites are starting to once again report that “The End is Near,” but are people really paying attention?

What if Camping’s Prediction is Right?

We’ve seen prophets from other periods who have made clear predictions that have come true.  What if Camping is a modern day prophet who simply has figured out the date of the Rapture, and has done his best to warn the world of such.  If the world is Ending October 21st, whether you are to be saved in the Rapture, or left behind and destroyed with the Earth – you should probably at least consider Camping’s thoughts.

If Doomsday comes October 21st, those who aren’t saved in the 2011 Rapture can’t say they weren’t warned.  October 21, 2011 has been Camping’s predicted date of the End of the World for years, his date from May earlier this year was only suggested to be Judgement Day.

I’m pretty well versed in this topic, but still don’t know as much as some others.  So, here is the part that I’m unclear about with the End of the World October 21st prediction.

• Was Judgement Day 2011 on May 21, and we are already tagged to be saved in the Rapture or sentenced to suffer through October 21 Doomsday until the End of the World?  Or is it that we can still be saved within this final week on Earth?


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  1. Dave says:

    I hope the world ends on Friday! I miss my grandmother who passed away on July 31.

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