Harold Camping Died

Harold Camping Died, Now what

happens to the 2011 Rapture?

As of today, this is only hypothetical, but let’s say that Harold Camping is dead before the Rapture 2011 date of October 21 – what happens now?  Will the Second Coming of Jesus to Earth still come on October 21 without Harold Camping, the Doomsday prophet, still on earth?

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Harold Camping had a stroke on June 13, just weeks after his initial Judgement Day prediction of May 21 came and went without the return of Jesus.  Camping sited a miscalculation in his Bible math as the reason for the lack of May 21 Rapture, and updated his statement to declare October 21 2011 as the date of the Rapture.  His health is a question of concern, as Camping hasn’t been in the public eye since his stroke.  Is there a chance that Harold Camping dies before Jesus Returns?

October 21 2011 will be Doomsday

Regardless of Harold Camping’s worldly status on October 21 Doomsday will come.  The true followers of Jesus will be saved in the Rapture and brought to heaven, while the lost souls will be destroyed with the End of the World.  The bible has lead us to this date of October 21 2011, and it should not be ignored.  Is the October 21 2011 prediction fake?  No!  Harold Camping is spreading the word that the End of the World is coming in 2011.

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3 Responses to Harold Camping Died

  1. Thomas Smith says:

    How can you so mislead people? You don’t even know how to spell “soul” let alone tell others where theirs are headed. Harold Camping is a fraud, regardless how skilled a Bible mathematician he is. Judgment Day, etc., has been predicted hundreds of times, and the world still exists. You were probablymjust as caught up in the y2k hoax–if youmpeople had any sense of shame or decency you’d stillbe smarting from that one.

  2. seekr says:

    Camping died in his sleep May 21st. He’s been dead a while now.

  3. Harry says:

    According to familyradio.org, Harold went home on Sept 20.
    So I guess the old kook is still above ground.
    I wish I lived near Harold. It would be fun to walk up behind him and give him a blast from and airhorn. I bet that would make him blow another o ring. Ha ha.

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