Harold Camping moved to Nursing Home

Doomsday Prophet, Harold Camping

Now In Nursing Home

Judgement Day may be coming sooner than October 21, 2011 for the Harold Camping, the 2011 Doomsday Prophet himself.  Camping suffered a stroke just weeks after his first 2011 Rapture prediction of May 21, causing many to question if God punished the Family Radio personality for being a “false prophet.”  At the age of 89, the cause of Harold Camping’s stroke is most likely age related, rather than from the hand of God, but his move to a Nursing home has his followers wondering if he will survive until the End of the World on October 21.

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The faithful followers of Camping are saying their prayers for him in an effort to keep his health good enough to survive until the End of the World date of October 21 that Harold discovered through years of studying the bible.  Family Radio has been quiet about the status of his health, leading some to assume he may be on his last leg, and close to death.  With just 3 months until the End of World, some do remain optimistic there is little doubt that Camping is doing his best to hang onto life so he can experience the Rapture on October 21 with the rest of the true Christian followers.

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