Hurricane is a Sign of the Rapture

Hurricane Irene just Another Sign that The Rapture is Near

Warnings that Hurricane Irene is the largest storm to hit the East Coast in 100 years is starting to spread like wildfire.  Residents on the Eastern Seaboard have been preparing for the hurricane of the century for a couple of days now, as some were even required to evacuate their homes and flee the oncoming storm.  The threat of massive flooding from the Hurricane rain, combined with high wind advisories are the official warnings from Accuweather, but God is trying to warn of something much bigger.  The Rapture is coming soon.

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Get your generators out, if they aren’t broken by the storm, and ride out Hurricane Irene’s intense weather.  This storm is just a preview of what is to come in the End Days surrounding the Rapture.  Judgement Day 2011 is expected on October 21, 2011, as God is clearly trying to warn us of with all of the Natural Disasters in recent times.  The rare 5.8 East Coast Earthquake in DC, combined with the flooding from Hurricane Irene mimic descriptions from the Book of Revelations as the End of Days.

Earthquakes and Floods Prove

End of the World is Near

Hurricane Irene is just the newest sign that the End of the World is near.  October 21, 2011 is the Date of the End of the World according to Harold Camping at Family Radio, and the recent Earthquakes and Flooding prove that his prediction has some validity.  Hurricane Irene will devastate the entire East Coast, especially New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and Boston – preparing them for the End Times in October.

Don’t ignore God’s Signs that the End of The World is coming on October 21.  Hurricane Irene is here to prepare the non-believers for their time on Earth after the faithful are saved in the 2011 Rapture.  Power outages, flooding, and chaos this weekend are to warn you that Jesus is the only way to spend Eternity in Heaven.  Start Praying.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Only God knows when the rapture is and how many times is Harold Camping going to get it wrong.

    Live today as if the rapture is going to happen but do not pick a date

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