Is May 21st Judgement Day Fake?

May 21st Doomsday – Will You Survive?

Are you ready for May 21 Doomsday?  The End of the World 2011 is almost here, and your survival is dependent on knowing everything you can about the Rapture, and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Harold Camping has spread the word that May 21st is the date of the Rapture, and he suggests that about 3 million people will be saved by Jesus on Judgement Day.  Do you believe in God?

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3 Responses to Is May 21st Judgement Day Fake?

  1. Donald says:

    Idiot. Spell “judgment” correctly. Seriously? How would anyone take this garbage seriously when you cannot even spell “judgment”?

    • Miguel says:

      I think you are more of an idiot than this guy is. Judgement is a British way of spelling it, you moron.

  2. Irie says:

    what a complete and utter scam….
    do these people even know what the book of revelations says?
    FIRST OF ALL THERE IS NO RAPTURE MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE this is mans idea of being “taken away”. There is a day called “The Great Tribulation” and also “The day of the Lord”, but lots of things have to take place first before anything like this will happen. I guess if people are blinded from the truth they will believe anything.

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