May 21 Doomsday

Nuclear Disasters a Sign of Judgement Day

Radiation continues to poison water and food in Japan after three Nuclear Reactors were damaged in the Recent 9.0 Earthquake.  Since the March 11 Quake, Radiation levels have raised to unsafe, potentially deadly levels in Japan, signifying the coming Doomsday on May 21.

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Earthquakes, floods, and natural disasters are mentioned throughout the Bible and Book of Revelations as warning signs that Jesus will return to Earth to rule during the Apocalypse.  The Japan Earthquake is a sign of Doomsday.  The flood caused by the tsunami that followed is a sign of Judgement Day.  The Nuclear Disaster that in Japan is a sign of the Apocalypse.   Keep your eyes open, there are signs of the May 21 Doomsday all around us.

These disasters will mask the return of Jesus to earth for those who do not follow Christ.  Atheists will be shocked come May 21 2011 when Jesus returns to save His followers in the Rapture, and the rest are left behind until the End of the World due to Gods destruction comes on October 21 2011.  There will be other signs of the apocalypse before He returns.

Los Angeles Earthquake in April?

Christians and Scientists can both agree that Los Angeles is overdue for a major Earthquake.  The 9.0 Earthquake in Japan may be small in comparison to an April Los Angeles Earthquake.  Nobody knows for sure if there will be an Earthquake in Los Angeles in April, but we can be sure that Jesus will leaving signs for all his followers until the Rapture on May 21 2011.

An earthquake in Los Angeles could triggers tsunami’s, drastically affect our communications, and spiral the entire country into an Economic Apocalypse.  This, or other natural disasters, combined with radiation poisoning from Nuclear fallout will let us know that Judgement Day will be May 21 2011.

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75 Responses to May 21 Doomsday

  1. Biblical truth is that: a. whenever we die that day becomes the end of the world for us personally b. we are to view each day with the Lord’s coming in mind c. The revelation of Scriptural truth in the days before the end appears to be supported in Scripture and finally d. we should all be striving to bring a neighbor or friend to know our Lord in these latter days.

    • jojo says:

      read 2 peter 3:10-13

      the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night…..

      matthew 24 verse 36
      no one knows the hour when he will come

    • pat says:

      Charles is exactly correct, by my reckoning. If you read closely when Jesus said about the signs of the time, he essentially stated everything will seem normal day to day and come suddenly out of the blue.

  2. Ron says:

    Learn to SPELL if you expect to be taken seriously! The word is judgment, not judgement.

    • Adam says:

      Actually Judgement is a valid spelling of the word, Americans can also use the variant judgment.

      • Steven C. Torgerson says:

        This is true. The words, “Judgement / Judgment” may be spelled both ways to mean the same thing. Diligence is required in research. If you ever plan to be taken seriously, thought before action is extremely important.
        For the “Record”, the spellings of words, terms and phrases change with every generation.
        Marinate on that for a minute.

        • Shelley says:

          I can’t beleive that people on this site are concerned about spelling rather then talking about the issue. Childish!

  3. Dave says:

    I guess this man knows more than Jesus who stated no man knows the date or hour. Yes, Christ will return. Please read Hebrews 9:27-28

  4. Greg says:

    Does it matter that every prediction about the end of the world, citing all the same reasons, have been wrong?

  5. james says:

    I don’t really care for what people think. I looked in the holy boo cover to cover nothing states a date time year, It does say Jesus knows not the day time he will return only his father knows that, and not even god knows the time it will come from the holy sprit. Look threw the years many people guessed the date yet nothing yet it will be long before im gone and my kids kids will be too. Fath with you and all, I pray judgment day will never come under someone saying it Willie here, I pray it comes unknowing.

  6. Greg Galloway says:

    Since the bible says the even Jesus does not know the time nor the date of his second coming for his bride you can count on the fact that when a date is given it will be wrong.

    • Traci says:

      So true, Greg. Matthew 24:36 says; But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. Though I must admit, if He does come on May 21st at 6:00, I will be ready and waiting on Him. It does excite me to think about it – as it should any believer. :)

  7. Tim says:

    I have a prediction too: May 21st, of this year, will come by and NOTHING of what you say will happen. Absolutely nothing. No rapture. No judgement. No doomsday. No apocalypse. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

    Stop misleading people with your nonsense (regardless of your intentions in the matter or your personal beliefs; you’re wrong, and thus you’re misleading people) and go do something worthwhile. Go help the poor, or the widows, or the orphans. Or, you know, maybe recycle? Just do /SOMETHING/ worthwhile.

  8. Robert Silva says:

    Publishing of untruths such as this actually causes a lot of damage to the Christian message of the real Gospel because when the real truth is exposed (ie. May 21st Judgment Day doesn’t happen), then the unbeliever has every reason to suspect that the Gospel isn’t true either. Can’t the persons who are promoting the myths of May 21st understand the damage that this does to the Christian message of salvation? Is there no compassion on those that need to hear the truth and who would stand to eternally benefit by accepting it? Why do things to cloud the unbeliever’s potential for accepting the very rational understanding of the truth of the love of God?

    • Maurice says:

      I believe the father of the 5/21/11 theory is 88 y.o. Harold Camping of Family Radio. He is most famous for his botched prophecy of Christ’s return in 9/94 which he presented in his book “1994?” The question mark was apparently there to give him an “out” if he was wrong which he was. When Jesus didn’t show he claimed a “math error” was made and he really meant the “Great Tribulation” began. I’m not making this up. My Bible says the GT is the last 3 1/2 yrs of the Tribulation and anyone who thinks we’re in it now is brain dead. Anyway, God does not work thru false prophets, liars and charlatans of who HC is king. How many true Bible prophets 1) made “math errors” and 2) follow their prophesies with a ? mark? If u want a good laugh look up this pathetic preacher on Youtube or go to the FR website and read some of his asinine writings.

  9. Angelgroove says:

    I know you Evangelical. I know you forked tongue. Just like your English ancestors you are ashore to do lies and mayhem claiming Holy order. I know you Evangelical. I know you forked tongue.

  10. Randy says:

    I am so friggin tired of all this nonsensical christian prophecy crap. As Richard Dawkins stated in the title of his book: “god is not great”. Find some other reading….the bible is badly written, inconsistent, myth-filled and not even original. It has been modified, edited, by a male-dominant society. It shouldn’t even be on any best seller’s list, but it is promoted generation after generation by emotionally-stunted people who don’t demand evidence and have no logic or scientific reasoning…

    Liberate yourself….don’t be lazy….the answers to life are in nature and its analysis. Take the time to learn about the natural world….it’s comprehensible, dissectable, rationale…yes, we don’t have all the answers, but it’s irrational and irresponsible to have to use a god to explain any of it.

    • jojo says:

      i pray that Jesus Christ touches your heart. Jesus Christ loves you

    • Maurice says:

      Then why are u reading posts on this site? If u don’t like it don’t read it or listen to it. DUHHH!
      [the bible is badly written…] give a SPECIFIC example
      [inconsistent] give a SPECIFIC example
      [myth-filled] give a SPECIFIC example
      [It has been modified, edited, ] give SPECIFIC examples
      I doubt u can because all you’re doing is ape what you’ve heard.
      [It shouldn’t even be on any best seller’s list…] but it is. Atheists have tried to eliminate it for centuries w/o success. What’s the problem? You and the Dawkin’s crowd not up to the task?

      Finally [….the answers to life are in nature and its analysis.]
      One day when the doc tells u that u have terminal cancer and six months to live, find comfort in dissecting a frog, yelling at the moon or read Dawkins’ “god is not great” or you can receive Christ as your Lord and Savior and spend eternity it heaven. If you’ve never heard the gospel presented here is a simple presentation:

      • Honesty says:

        [inconsistent] God destroys Gomorrah for immoral acts. Then Job is raped by and impregnates his daughters and this is seen as good.

        [myth-filled] Genesis. The entire thing isn’t physically possible.

        [It has been modified, edited, ] Was not recorded in writing until 300 years after the supposed death of Christ. Was originally recorded in ancient Greek. Was translated into two different languages before being translated into English.

        [It shouldn’t even be on any best seller’s list…] No we have not been trying to eliminate it just move it to fiction.

        [….the answers to life are in nature and its analysis.] Saying this has no meaning to anyone who doesn’t believe. Why should we care about your heaven if we don’t believe it exists?

        Oh by the way don’t try to call me out on my facts I’ve read more of the Bible then most Christians.

        • Dan says:

          1.) This comment takes the Bible completely out of context and shows that your last statement is pretty much false. Of course someone is going to call you out on facts when you can’t get something as simple as a name right. You are referring to Lot in Genesis 19, not Job.

          The only thing I can gather from your comment is that the Bible is inconsistent because God judges the city of Gomorrah but refuses to judge Lot’s daughters for their actions. Sodom and Gomorrah were consistently living lifestyles that were detestable to God. They didn’t change nor did they want to. In fact, Lot went into the city and could not even find 1 righteous person. This is completely different than someone who follows God and makes a mistake. God’s grace abounds.

          2.) Simply stating something isn’t possible without providing any references is a bit self-defeating, don’t ya think?

          3.) I’m guessing you are referring to the New Testament since the Old Testament was not originally translated to Greek. Also, there are original manuscripts of the original Greek so if you are hazy on any Biblical facts, don’t you think it would be smart and rational to actually read the ancient Greek text so that you might find the original context? The translations into English are not perfect, but that doesn’t mean the book itself is inconsistent. It shows man’s inconsistencies. People who try to show supposed “hypocrisies” within the Bible generally fail to read the original Greek nor do they study the times and culture in which the book was written.

          Obviously you doubt the death of Christ so I encourage you to do research on the Graffito del Palatino and other archaeological findings.

          And as for the 300 years bit, while reading through the scriptures and matching up the dates in which certain things transpire it’s pretty plain that these were clearly not written hundreds of years later. Don’t you think that if these were written that late that there would have been at least some mention of the ransacking of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. by Titus and Tiberius? I’m pretty sure that is a pretty significant date in history, yet it was left out of the Book of Acts for instance.

          4.) Can’t move it to fiction until you have disproven it archaeologically and historically.

          5.) “A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.” ~ C.S. Lewis

          Just because someone says they don’t believe in something it doesn’t keep us from bringing it up.

          6.) And I’m pretty sure this last statement is just for show.

    • Glenn says:

      Richard Dawkins did not write “God is not great”, It was Christopher Hitchens. Richard wrote “The God Dilusion”

  11. George Levanduski says:

    Mr. Camping is very good at what he does best: extoling the proper use of the Bible while he is on the radio, helping others to comprehend the scriptures, and pointing out the kind of mistakes that arise from misinterpretation, deviation, and acceptance of dogmas that seem fitting but are not actually supported by the Bible. However, like so many who don’t know about and/or don’t reckon with the flaws and limitations of the Bible, he does not give enough consideration to all that is outside the domain of the Bible, and so does not have a well-rounded grasp of reality.

  12. reggie says:

    People must stop lies that doesn’t makes them the good Christians If you don’t know something it is better to keep your mouth shut instead of spreading false statements. Nobody on earth know when Jesus will come if people knows the date and the year which means the bible is not telling the truth. Stop misleading other people if you are the good Christian you must act like one.

  13. Antoine says:

    Oh brother! Why in 2011 are people STILL taking allegoric biblical myths to be LITERAL??? Jesus was not born of a virgin, Jesus did not walk on water, Jesus did not rise from the dead nor is he physically coming back to do anything! Goodness! SMH

  14. Sean says:

    I can’t wait to see the 21st of May roll around and have…nothing happen! I can’t wait to see all the die hard believers out there cook up another scheme. And on the 22nd, when I’m back at my monotonous job, with all my debt, and still barely making ends meet, I’ll laugh! I wonder how many little sheep out there you’ll cause to leap off the deep?

  15. george says:

    What will the excuse be if nothing happens on May 21? Is it going to be the usual response? Someone forgot to carry the one or the traditional, ‘ooops, I forgot to move the decimal point’.

  16. Ronald says:

    Christ will come for Sure, but know one knows the time and hour except The Father in heaven. Do not deceive others by stupid human words and promises, for you will be Judged first.

  17. Honesty says:

    There is no God.

  18. Agnes says:

    Only a Fool says there is no GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ZACO says:

    yaa ne! this is rubbish, how did this moron ascertain the dates and times,,,no one knows according to the holy bible..eishhh

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  21. Ken says:

    OH wow. This amounts to the worst sort of child abuse I have seen. Students ask me every day in my professional role as a science educator; “is the world really going to end May 21st? ” My response: “Did the world end in the year 2000?, Did it end in 1983 (thanks Pat R. for that delicious TRIPE!)? No. And I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon. ”
    I tell them then that nicely dressed people will lie to them throughout their lives, and the only defense against this is the ability to think critically for yourself. ” This ‘family radio guy’ is nothing more than a mental terrorist, and if any child attempts or commits suicide because of this claptrap, he and all of his church, donors, etc. should be tried for MURDER, and perhaps our legal system can meet out earthly ‘judgement’, and you can say ‘hi’ to Bin Laden in Davey Jones’ Locker.

  22. peleg says:

    Jesus Christ is coming soon, that is for sure. But as for the 21st May, this is really questionable. According to this guy, the 21st May 2011 is 7000 years after the flood of Noa. He came up with unclear mathematical calculations and symbolic numbers. Any one who checks out how he arrived at this date, will really question the whole idea.
    Christ is coming. No questions about that. It is true that our day to day activities will be normal. Marriages e.t.c. We must also be aware that those who will be wearing white robes before the throne of God, will be coming out of the great tribulation as stated in revelations.

  23. Keith says:

    I do come away believing that those writing they think our time is up on the 21st are sincere. I’m not saying right, but sincere.

    Actually the earth doesn’t end on the 21st in this prediction, does it? May 21 is the rapture, when all the rapture-worthy types go poof. I am likely not rapture-worthy, so I’ll be here on the 22nd.

    I need a new car, so I was wondering if Family Radio types would be courteous and leave their keys in their cars. I’ll take good care of it while you enjoy the afterlife.

  24. Bob says:

    The most powerful statement I read a few years ago: “I would much rather choose to believe in God and find out he doesn’t exist. As opposed to not believing and find out He does.”
    I beleive that Jesus Christ is my saviour and that he died on the cross to pay for our sins and that only through Him we will have eternal life. I also believe that He will return someday. I pray that He will call for me to be with him for eternity. In the meantime, I will continue read, share and listen to those interested in a two-way discussion.
    As far as those who are leading this most recent “doomsday” message and those who are following… good for them, they have faith. Even if they are wrong they will be cared for by those who have compassion. What are possessions anyway?
    I do take offense from those who are “non believers”. Messages of ridicule and criticism say a lot about who they really are. In a world filled with “you’re wrong, I’m right” declarations… no wonder we need to see the second coming and I am looking forward to it… whenever it happens.
    Thank you for reading this.

    • Traci Nelson says:

      Thank you, Bob! I have always said, I’d rather believe and be right, than not believe and be wrong. It hurts my heart & soul to read some of these posts, but unfortunately they are all entitled to their opinion. I don’t know why the name of Jesus has become the most hated name in this great nation of ours, but it has. You tell people you worship Budha, Allah, or a golden cow and they’re okay with it. But if you say you worship Jesus (the sweetest name I know) they get angry with you. Why can’t athiest just leave us alone and in the end we will see who is right. I pray for the souls of non-believers, as we all should… maybe some day the Lord will touch their hearts. People want to blame God for everything that is bad in their lives… I ask, what have you ever done FOR God. Why do people expect Him to do everything for us, but we do nothing for Him? That goes back to the selfish nature of non-believers. I am not saying that all Christians are perfect – I’m not saying ANY Christian is perfect, but one thing is for sure – we are forgiven. I will continue to pray for all of you… all of you haters out there, who say you’re all for peace and love. Try out Jesus and see how much love you’ll have! My cup runneth over with His love. Do I still have issues in life? Sure… that is because we live in a fallen world full of temptation, but I know I am on solid ground with my Lord.
      Oh, and I do not believe the end of the world is May 21st at 6:00. I believe that no man knoweth when the Lord will return, except for the Father (G0d). I will be happy when it comes though – I can’t wait to sit at the feet of Jesus and worship him. :)

      • Freddy says:

        I think the biggest detriment to Jesus, is not Jesus or the Bible, it is the flawed man who claims Jesus with his mouth but his actions prove otherwise. Truly we are saved by grace, not of works and yet the proof of our salvation should be our fruits not our words. We as Christians must admit that we are not perfect just as you mention above Traci. We ALL, Christians and non-Christians, fall short of the Glory of God and really have no chance but by the grace of God. Unfortunately, the “Holier than thou” attitude that many Christians have exhibited over the years, as I point the finger at myself, has caused many to be unreceptive to the Word.

  25. Betsey Daub says:

    This would be funny (that May 21 is Doomsday), except because of this prediction, people are quitting their jobs, selling their belongings and setting out by van to distribute leaflets and tell others of the impending doom. If it IS Doomsday, what good are possessions or money? Either you go to Heaven or not. If its NOT Doomsday, then you just might need those possessions and $$.
    And anyway, whose idea was it to have Doomsday on a Sunday?

  26. Carolyne says:

    We all anxiously await an insightful reply on May 22. ( ◕‿◕。)

  27. Mike C. says:

    Why are you going against what you believe in? Does it not say in the bible that nobody will know the hour? In Matthew. Seems pretty arrogant to go against the one you believe in.

  28. Mike C. says:

    I was very surprised to hear that churches that believe this is going to happen are still collecting tithes.

  29. reda says:

    There is a God, and soon enough you will meet him, jesus said you no not
    me, i will no not you.

  30. immblueversion says:

    People are predicting Judgment Day using the nuclear disasters as proof. But did no one predict the nuclear disasters themselves?

  31. john says:

    epic, Im having a party on May 21st! 😀

  32. Jeff says:

    I must be doubly blessed as I just happen to be off . I feel good about getting a little time off before the end!’

  33. RoLLin says:

    Jesus was going to show up in a pink cadillac riding shot gun with the easter bunny and santa clause but then realized he would need a bigger vehicle, for all your other made up gods and mystical creatures ,maybe we will all get to see if dragons breathe fire and unicorns really have a big shiny horns lol come on people you love a imaginery being more then your wife or kids in most cases, reality check anyone?

  34. I am very sad for those who have been following this lie that the rapture will occur on May 21st. Even if they attempt to explain away “that no one will know the day or the hour of Christ return”, they cannot explain away that many scholars believe that Christians must go through the Great Tribulation prior to the rapture. I pray that they will take a moment and read my book Final Warning because the hour of is His judgment has come.

  35. Kirsti says:

    There are a million reasons the world “Should” be ending. But how about trying to make it right rather than being lazy and assuming there won’t be a tomorrow left to repair? The way we crap all over the earth. The way we disregard the welfare of future generations. The way we treat one another. I think we deserve ever ounce of anything that is coming to us. However, no man will know how long we will suffer before the earth reclaims the territory that we infested. What matters right now is that we owe it to the earth, our children, and most importantly to God to do everything we can to make these wrongs right.
    Let us stop wasting our time on false prophets and pick up some energy efficient goods instead. Pull out the drawings boards. Get creative. Do what we can now. That is the ONLY thing that is worth our time. This is all just an excuse to keep being lazy. How perfectly convenient it is to convince ourselves that there will not be a tomorrow for us to make right. What will we tell our kids 40 years from now when they have to wear a gas mask to go outside? Perhaps wear a full body suit in order to protect themselves from the oozing ozone? Oh, so sorry honey, we “thought” the world would have come to an end by now.
    We can’t afford to wait until tomorrow. Carpe freaking Diem. Let us show him how grateful we are for the beautiful planet he bewtowed upon us. Let us show him how much we appreciate the creatures frolicking about, the children out at play, and our dearest friends and families that make our world go round. I pray we can Let him know, that even though we can be pretty freaking stupid, we can get it together and work hard to show him we really do care. Sure, there is a distinct possibility it is already too late, but at least we’ll know we tried.

  36. yuki says:

    is this true???

  37. Seriously? says:

    And on May 22, when nothing has changed, nothing will happen to the idiots making these predictions. There will be no repercussions for such childish actions, and so these dime-a-dozen doomsday theories will never stop coming, and never stop convincing other idiots that they’re real. It’s no wonder people think Americans are stupid when the religious majority spends more time guessing when everyone will die than actually enjoying life and doing something productive.

    And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD stop using the phrase “scientists agree” to validate every wild claim you make. At least go the extra mile to make up a statistic if your going to try and forge the opinion of the scientific community.

    Sincerely, the person you single-handedly turned into an atheist

  38. Just another of the unwashed masses says:

    I actually feel very sorry for those poor lemmings who have spent their hard earned money and time travelling around (some even overseas to the middle east) to spread this silly rumor. The person responsible for this should be incarcerated. I wonder how many lives this will have ruined? they were led to believe that the world is ending, and on May 22nd they will come to the brutal realization that they were duped, and will be broke/’s just frigging sad…Do unto others as you would have them do unto you < This is the ONLY thing anyone should preach(PERIOD)

  39. Saying it doesn't save you says:

    Saying that you accept Jesus as your savior isn’t what will save you. If “Jesus” is going to come down, save all the people who claim him as his savior and leave the rest that don’t, then I’d rather stay. If he is going to save the Priest who molests little boys over the homosexual who donates his money and time to charities and people in need, I’d rather stay. If he is going to save someone who claims Jesus as their savior but will celebrate soldiers dying, then I’d rather stay. If those are the people who will be in heaven, leave me here with mother earth and I’ll go down with my sinking ship.
    The whole point of religion/Christianity has been completely misinterpreted. It means to be a good person, to think of others before yourself, to smile at people when you pass them, to help someone in need, to live your life the best way you can, to help as many people as you can, even if it’s not in a big way, etc. If you think claiming Jesus as your savior will be all you have to do, you have a rude awakening awaiting you.
    You people who believe the end of time May 21st are selfishly trying to live your last days. Not paying your bills, not going to work, and pursuing what will make you happy in your “last” days. How many have quite your jobs to go help at a homeless shelter? How many have donated everything they have to someone less fortunate? How many have decided to go and clean up the garbage laying on the road? Think about it. DO something good, instead of counting on a “commitment”.

  40. KBW says:

    This man behind this prediction also claimed that judgment day was going to be in September of 1994 it didn’t happen! He says he was wrong because he made a mistake in his math I don’t know what he’s reading but my Bible says nothing at May 21,2011 , not that I can find . The book of Matthew states that no one knows. Not the angles, not the Son but only the Father. Now if God didn’t tell. His son when the day will come I doubt he told this man!please read Matthew and Revelation. The Bible says it will come UNexpectedly!So when the 21st comes and goes like any other day what day will be predicted next!if we were supposed to know when the day would come it would be clearly written in the Bible we wouldn’t need someone to calculate it. All those who aren’t Christians will then just have one more reason not to be because they will once again believe that the Bible was wrong when really it was Mr. 89 year old Harold Camping (check my spelling on his name)who was wrong!

  41. ajw says:

    I cannot wait to read the posts on this site on Sunday, after Saturday comes and goes and the world keeps on spinning. You are all a bunch of yum-yums

  42. sasha says:

    Just wondering which time zone this 6pm prediction is happening in?

  43. Maggie says:

    I am praying that this will not happen. So far I do not think it will happen. It is supposed to be sunny on sat. Nice.

  44. angelic says:

    only if you’r a satanist do you believe in and preach about doomsday and negative things like that. Life is beautiful and eternal, don’t waste your time on silly nonsense unless you want to make it happen yourself.

    • Gina says:

      Hello anyone who is listening. I do not consider myself any particular religion, however I do not consider myself an atheist either. I guess you could consider me agnostic. I was raised I suppose as church of england. I believe myself to have morals and believe myself to be essentially good. I would not steal, kill or commit adultery etc. My main aim in life I guess is to learn, and I am interested in philosophy. What does annoy me however is that religious sects will often come peddling at ones door stating that their religion is the “truth”. I feel that this just serves to confuse me. How can a person know which religion is the true religion? Thank you for listening and I hope someone can help. X

  45. George says:

    Denver, Colo., May 20 (CNA) .- The claim being circulated that May 21 will mark the end of the world and be a day of judgment by God has no basis in Scripture or authentic Christian teaching, according to Catholic scholar Dr. Jared Staudt.

    The professor of theology at the Augustine Institute, located in Denver, said that Biblical teaching and Church tradition show “it’s clear that it is not scriptural to seek for a date for the day of judgment.”

    “It sometimes can be easy to ridicule groups like this for coming up with such calculations, but we should remember that this is a perennial problem,” Staudt told CNA.

    “In the end, I think it is a problem of faith. We have a hard time simply trusting in the Lord and waiting for Him.”

    Family Radio, a religious group out of Oakland, California that has been broadcasting for several decades, recently launched a nationwide campaign claiming that May 21 at 6:00 p.m. will signal the beginning of hell on earth for non-believers, and a day when Christians around the world will be “raptured” into heaven.

    The group has worked around the clock in recent weeks to push their message, using radio and TV broadcasts, billboards, t-shirts, pamphlets and even bumper stickers. Their website received over 3 million visits in April.

    Family Radio president Harold Camping, 89, has been hosting the live, call-in talk show “Open Forum” for 50 years.

    During a May 15 show, he speculated that “people will be dying by the millions” in the terror-laden months that will follow Judgment Day, until the final destruction of the earth on October 21.

    The group uses multiple verses from the Bible to calculate the end of the world, asserting in a booklet that the “great amount of Biblical signs and proofs absolutely guarantee Judgment Day is May 21, 2011.”

    In an May 19 interview, however, Dr. Staudt explained that the group uses literal interpretations of several Bible verses taken out of context.

    “Family Radio’s prediction of the day of the judgment is premised on the literal interpretation of 2 Peter 3:8, which states: ‘with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day,'” Staudt explained.

    “Building upon this interpretation, Family Radio then applies it to the surrounding context in 2 Peter, the day of judgment in relation to the flood – 2 Peter 3:6.”

    Staudt explained that the group also draws its warning from the passage in the book of Genesis where God warns Noah of the flood arriving in seven days. Since “one day is as a thousand years” God, Family Radio concluded that 7,000 years from the start of the flood, or May 21, 2011, will be Judgment Day.

    However, Staudt emphasized, St. Peter also clearly says that “‘the day of the Lord will come like a thief,’ echoing our Lord’s own words.”

    “Jesus said he would come as a thief in the night and also clearly stated that it did not pertain to His mission to announce the time of His Second Coming,” he clarified. “It is clear that Jesus did not want us to know the time of His coming, but rather to remain in watchful expectation.”

    “He said that He would come soon – Rev 22:20 – but this is not meant to create fear in the disciples, but rather hope, knowing that Christ is the Lord of history and will triumph in the end.”

    Additionally, the rapture “is not part of Catholic teaching,” Staudt said. “We do not separate the resurrection of the just and the reprobate, nor the final tribulation and the Lord’s coming.”

    “We are to have a faith filled expectation of the Lord’s coming, but without trying to have control over it,” he said.

    “We also have to remember that the Lord comes to us every day in the Eucharist and He also comes to us in our own death. Our lives should be centered on watchfulness so that we have open hearts to Him in prayer and in expectation of the future glory, which He promises us.”

    Staudt noted that a primary factor in cult-like groups making misguided claims about the end of the wold comes “from a lack of union with the Church established by Christ.”

    “When a group is on its own, it sits down with the Bible and tries to figure things out,” he noted. But these groups do not have the context that comes from hearing the Word of God proclaimed in the liturgy or “the authority of the Magisterium to interpret the Bible in unison with Tradition.”

    Rather than respond with ridicule or dismissiveness, however, Staudt reiterated the importance of engaging such groups with charity and truth.

    “Throughout the Catholic tradition, the response to a contrary position is always to find the good in what is presented and to seek dialogue,” he said. “In this particular case, one could certainly affirm and even praise the desire to proclaim the biblical message of the need for conversion and forgiveness.”

    “However, one could also see the sensational presentation as a trivialization of this message. Regardless of that fact, it is still an opportunity to discuss the topic, which has been brought up in a very vocal way.”

    Staudt said it’s important to remember that “many people, if not most, have never heard a clear and well founded presentation of the Catholic faith.”

    “People are drawn towards cults because they are looking for the truth and also for a sense of belonging,” he observed. “Cults provide simple clear cut answers and usually a well defined way of life. We know that this is simply a parody of what Christ intends and actually offers.”

    “We need to use opportunities like the one presented by Family Radio to engage in conversation, to listen, and to gently, yet firmly, proclaim the truth of Christ with which we have been entrusted in His Church.”

  46. Virginia says:

    so where exactly is the rapture? In Australia, NZ, Japan etc it is already May 22nd. No massive earthquake. NOTHING.

  47. TC says:

    this is non-sence. people believe what you want. Let life take its corse, let time go as it will and it and only it will tell the truth. If it dose happen, Then i will be scard to death because i know i have done bad thing in my life. Everyday i wish i could undo time and fix them, no one is perfect. I bet even the great god isnt perfect. i bet even he/she make mistakes sometimes. but in a way if it dose happen im glad the suffering will end. i hate seeing people dieing, suffering or going without food or water and if it dosent. be happy that a new day has sprung and pray that your life will be as beautiful as the next. i do believe jesus died for our sins, i do believe god is real, but after that its get a little choppy.

  48. Chris says:

    Jesus is coming… Look busy!

    Instead of focusing on believing correctly, why not just focus on being the best person you can be, and shut up already? Isn’t that more important than what metaphysics one believes in? Let’s keep it real.

    My god = every other life shared on earth

  49. ronnie says:

    May 21, end of the world. Really? I think it was something to tryt o get the world worked up againt something. Someone who had nopthing else to do with there life. I enjoy reading and watch youtube post and pages liek this to see what people have to say. kind of entertaing. I am not into the religion stuff. i respect all who is, i think it is great to belive in religion. just i have more important stuff like school and work and my family to be interested in. I dont feel bad for the ones who quit there jobs and left there family. i think that was just stupid. but hey that what they belived. good luck on the rest of there life living in shame because they thought the world was going to end. but hey my opinion. The world may or may not end. no one know when . The one thing i would like to know is how these people feel after promoting and giving up there life for this day. what are they feeling. you know what kind of reaction people will have on them in public to there own family. do they relize how much respect they lost? and this preacher. what is next july 8th. aug 5,jan 4, what is the next prediction and will people follow him in his “prediction”? oh well had to comment …

  50. Jos says:

    Well, looky here. May 22 10:40 local time, and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Another doomsday prediction that failed to come true.

  51. Katthe says:

    May, 22
    went early to bed yesterday. Seems i have missed something.
    If this is heaven – it sucks!
    If this is hell – it could be worse!

  52. Carl says:

    OK, it’s May 22th.
    Am I dead yet?
    Guess some day this idiot will get it right!

  53. AWESOME says:

    WOW This is one of the biggest fail of all fails, but not surprising.

  54. richard morin says:

    any one believing anything from any religion has to be a moron

  55. bedford says:

    let the madness begin! I’m going to heaven because I hate it and hell is what you hate so its a win win!

  56. deb says:

    I love all the people on here who are so sure when Jesus Christ is coming. Jesus didn’t even exist; ask any historian who is not a Christian, and they will admit that there is no concrete evidence that Jeshua (Christ wasn’t his last name btw) ever existed. The stories didn’t show up until centuries after he died, yet they are written from the perspective of his disciples. Doesn’t that clue you in? It’s all fairy tales folks! Here, I’ll make it easy for you: think about how ridiculous all those other religions and gods are. Now open your eyes, and see that your god is just as ridiculous!

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