May 21 Earthquake

May 21st Earthquake will

Start Judgement Day 2011

With less than a week remaining until May 21 Judgement Day, the world is starting to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus.  As the Rapture nears,  word is spreading of the May 21 Doomsday Earthquake predictions, and learning of what will come during the End Times of the Apocalypse.  While many question the predictions of Harold Camping, others are warning that Judgement Day is in fact coming on Saturday May 21, 2011.

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Major Earthquakes all around the globe have been warning us that the End of the World is coming in 2011, but many have ignored the signs.  Earthquakes in the Philippines, Japan, Haiti, and most recently a 6.0 in Costa Rica, are small examples of what we can expect during the May 21 Earthquake during the Rapture.

Global Earthquake on May 21:  The Greatest Ever

On Saturday May 21st, the world will experience what Harold Camping has predicted a Global Earthquake to be the Greatest Earthquake ever.  Camping’s Prophecy Predictions have been proven incorrect in the past, but he has learned from the mistake he made in 1994, and is confident about the date of May 21 2011.  If the earth starts to shake on May 21 Doomsday, how will you react?

What Happens After May 21 Doomsday?

The May 21 Earthquake will come on Judgement Day when Jesus saves all the true believers and brings them to Heaven.  Those who truly believe in God, regardless of whether or not they agree that the May 21 Doomsday is real, will be saved in the Second Coming of Jesus.  Those who do not believe in Jesus and God will be left behind in the Rapture to experience the End of Days.  God will not save any more people during the final five months of Earths Existence before it is destroyed, along with all of humanity, on October 21, 2011.  The End of the World is coming.  How will you spend eternity?

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28 Responses to May 21 Earthquake

  1. big b says:

    this is a big lie how can you say the world is going to end may 21 people said that the world was going to end in the year 2000 did it end no so your saying that the day that god comes back to the world it is going to end come on if god does ever come back to the world that is a miracle it is not something we should be scared about

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Uhh looks like you guys spelled judgment incorrectly.

  3. Geoffrey says:

    In any case we’ll check back at this website on May 22 to evaluate our worldview against yours.

  4. Cristino says:

    For those who knows the bible, no one knows when Christ return on
    earth, the bible clearly says not even Jesus Himself nor the angels knows the hour or day, only the Father in heaven. Date setting is
    dangerous and contradicts the bible however the global earthquake
    is still possible, based on verses in the bible (Zephaniah and Revelation), a catastrophic global earthquake will occur but when? no
    one knows but we are seeing the almost daily earthquake activities
    worldwide, minor and major quakes, so probably the frequent quakes
    are warning of an inevitable global earthquake soon to happen.perhaps
    on May 21, 2011, no one knows but it could be a warning.

  5. lol says:

    Bah! Nothing will happen, even if you christians will probably say some standard minor earthquake is what you was talking about all along. I will continue drinking beer and listen to black metal. Even if we take for a fact that god exists, am i supposed to worship someone who will leave most of the population to be tormented, because they dont believe in a book that, you must agree, there is several reasons not to believe in today with modern science? Guess i will join the “dark” side then, as god seems horrifyingly evil.

  6. cristino says:

    setting a date for Christ’s return contradicts the bible however the
    possibility of a global earthquake is possible. the recent earthquakes
    small and big the world is experiencing almost on daily basis could
    be signs of a coming global earthquake that will devastate most
    countries and disrupts daily activities of men,,yes it is possible that
    on May 21, the prophesied global earthquake on Revelation 6 might

  7. jessy says:

    Christ return and rapture on May 21st, No, the bible says no one
    knows the day or the hour, a global earthquake, yes very possible.

  8. Pedro says:

    The Bible is word of God. Two more days and He’ll be here. Amen!

  9. lemon62 says:

    It,s true only the Father knows the hour and the day — the earthquake may be the start if it happens — who knows but He. It is best to pray anyway daily for salvation for sins etc — the earth is totally destroyed at the end of Revelation such as the golden statue and the mark of the beast –forced woship the 144,000 virgins who testify for christ why’s everybody missing that–the earth is burnt up at the end — we will see if Mr campings findings are true best to praise Jesus anyway out of love not fear

  10. Frank says:

    If you truly believe that you can predict the rapture than you are not a true believer in God. In the bible it clearly states that nobody can predict the end of times. It is just going to happen, eventually. I have faith in God and feel confident in the fact that tomorrow will be just another day. If you were wrong before, what makes you so confident that you will be right this time? In my opinion this is a publicity stunt. I would also have to say that God is not out to torment anyone he is a forgiving, loving and omnipotent being. If you believe in him as I do. God would not submit any person to the suffering that would come along with knowing the date of thier own death. There are many different ways to interpret god, which are all equally relevent . The basic interpretation is a higher power that is there for anybody in any situation that requires faith or prayer.

  11. fikile says:

    its 21may2011 almost 9o ‘clock in the morning. and there is no shaking of the earth. deutoronomy 18:21-22. if this prophecy does not come to pass by end of today, may the lord god almighty punish the father of this lie severely for scaring people instead of bringing saving their souls. people i tell you, lets focus on purifying ourselves by staying far from sin so that when jesus comes, he will take us home with him. forget what people say. these people sound the same as those who preach miracles without saving peoples souls and making sure they stay in their salvation. sis, sin, sin is rampant.

  12. Rio says:

    I say we should all take a look at Matthew 7:15…I feel this is probably the beginning of the rise of FALSE PROPHETS! I truly pity those who are so guillable to be mislead so easily without testing what ONE MAN who CLAIMS to have been sent by God.

  13. 'true believer' LOL!!! says:

    So, here we are on May 21, 10pm my time +10GMT and so far the only rumbles of significance have come from my lower intestine (and it smells)
    Harold, did you have your calendar upside down?
    What will be the convenient excuse to cover for your ‘predictions’ or lack thereof?
    Sorry, got my birthyear of jesus wrong?
    Stars not in alignment yet?
    Flat tyre on the way to the kwikee mart?
    Meh, i’ll keep partying like its the last day of the world.
    At least its a decent excuse to get drunk…

  14. gary the profit of doom says:

    a major shift in the earths tectonic plates, not a tiny little earth quake of a magnitude < 10, a lot of land will end up permanently underwater, and a lot of sea beds will rise and become new land above sea level.
    Imagine it, the pacific ocean becomes new land, and America and Europe are now under water; during the process a massive wave lasting 40 days destroys 99.999% of human life.

  15. evo653 says:

    i believe in god and jesus christ but as for some one tellin you the end is near on such a date an you read a site like this an half way down offers you a t shirt for $20 is a joke one day all this will happen as for today i dont think so and god is not evil we (human beings) have spat in his face so alot of us deserve what may be coming but as for only saving 3 million people that sum is a little low as there is 6.4 billion people on this planet .peace an may god be with you may i ad i am not connected to any religion at all i believe in the scriptures and the word of god . which is all he demands .

  16. Andrea says:

    Haha right today is 21st may 2011 and I certainly haven’t felt any earthquake not even a little rumble.
    I’m not religious but I know for a fact it does not state that only the believers will be saved!!! In fact it’s those who recognise there wrong doings and those whom are innocent.

    Talk about trying to get people to conform to believing in god
    Just a big con if you ask me!!!

  17. Abster says:

    Well would you look at that were still here and no earthquakes. I live in Christchurch and we havn’t had any large earthquakes in like 2 weeks. Even when there is a full moon with the forces. God has worked a mirical to save us from further fear.

  18. Duck says:

    So right, God’s supposed to come down and shake the world a little bit!?
    Come on, there’s no scientific answer for this but some bible bullshit – don’t believe this.

  19. boogietime1234 says:

    The earthquake happened and we are here watching the earth crack open

  20. No judgment day says:

    Oh look your wrong it’s may 22nd no rapture nothing at all

  21. lol says:

    would you look at this! :its may 22nd and we’re still here,, so it obviously isn’t real …………………….

  22. StephISurvived says:

    Soooo it s May 22nd, and after the numerous people who have sold their homes, spent their life saving, or even commited suicide in fear of this ‘moment’, I wonder how you all feel? Not to mention that, once again, groups like you make true Christians and the idea of salvation, a freaking laughing stock to the non believer. Stop trying to figure the bible out and know that when its your time, its your time, and when Christ is set to return, He will be here, and guess what, NO ONE WILL KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR, not even your beloved “prophets” who just stole your money and time! (Side bar: I bet Mr. Camping didn’t see crap, LOL)

  23. brad says:

    so its may 22nd all the shaking i heard was ur mums footsteps

  24. Katie says:

    It’s may the 22nd and nothings happened. Your mental- GET A LIFE!

  25. big b says:

    what did i tell you dumb ass retard next time read a bible before you say something to the whole word retard

  26. Stasjuk says:

    These super duper wise folks that call themselves “christians” made a big mistake in their calculations. They needed to divide the total number by three but they divided it by two. Hence, the result is totally wrong! I am waiting for another try……

  27. Anon says:

    Lolz I SURVIVED SUCKAS! Anyways, the bible says no human knows when the world will end.

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