May 21st 2011

Is May 21 Judgement Day?

It is more than just rumor that Jesus will return for Judgement Day on May 21st 2011.  Here at Judgement Day 2011, and around the world at other pro- May 21 Rapture organizations, we prepare as the Second Coming of Jesus inches closer.  Just days away from the event that Christians have been waiting for, the word of May 21 Doomsday continues to spread like wildfire.  Perhaps it would be more appropriate for me to say that word of the May 21 Judgement Day is spreading like the Mississippi River flood?

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Will You Be Saved in the Rapture?

God has Already Judged You…

Judgement Day 2011 will not be the first time that God has Judged you.  God Judged you when you were first born, until the original sin is washed away with your christening.  Since then, He has remained open to your every move, hoping that you take the steps that he would prefer along the way.  The time of freedom is over, and your final Judgement will determine if you spend eternity in Heaven, or suffer during the Apocalypse until Doomsday.  Those with pink eye are likely to be judged negatively.  Share this link of Facebook to find out what your friends think of the Rapture, and find out how they too will be looked at on Judgement Day.  May 21 2011 is coming fast, make sure that you get right with God!

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One Response to May 21st 2011

  1. Scott says:

    I bet you feel stupid! “Beware of false profits”. Shows how hypocritical you are trying to go against Gods word. No one knows the end date not even Jesus read the scripture and quit trying to put your self (selves) above Christ!

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