Oct 21 2011

The Rapture is coming on October 21, 2011

Your emails concerning the Rapture have reached my inbox, and many of them have mentioned that God states in the Bible that no man, not even Jesus knows the date of Judgement Day or the Rapture.  I used to agree with you, as I too have read that passage in the bible, but things change, and I want you to know how the Oct 21 Rapture prediction has proven we DO know when Jesus will return.

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The Bible contradicts itself over and over throughout the scripture, and God seems to all but argue with himself throughout the texts.  Even take the most simple of Christian concepts, Jesus, and realize that he is supposedly both God in Human form AND his son.  This proves that nothing God says in the Early Testaments can truly be taken as Gospel, when he used the Book of Revelation to clear up the confusion he had previously caused.

The date of October 21, 2011 was revealed to us as the predicted date of the End of the World by a man named Harold Camping.  As the leader of the Christian station, Family Radio, in Oakland California, Camping has used his vast knowledge of the Bible, and understanding of God’s message to determine that Oct 21 would be the date of the End of the World.

Why is Oct 21 the End of the World?

Settle down now good Christian.  We’ve been taught not to second guess God, or question his decisions, even if that decision is to Rapture the faithful, while letting the rest perish in the End of the World on Oct 21.  The initial reaction to the October 21, 2011 Rapture prediction shocked most that heard of it, but the true believers have accepted their fate.  We encourage you not to be afraid of the End of the World, regardless of your outcome, but instead be excited that you’re among the chosen who get to experience the Second Coming of Jesus.

Here is a short video of me getting REALLY excited that Judgement Day 2011 is almost here.  Just a few days left until the Rapture!

Just can’t hold the joy back.  We don’t know if you can still be saved in the Rapture, or if Judgement Day really did come on May 21, and the decision has already been made.  Some believe that their is still enough time to be saved in the 2011 Rapture if you pray especially hard and speak directly to God until Oct 21.

Your invitation to the End of the World is Here…

We don’t want you to leave empty handed!  Some people believe that the End of the World is almost here, while others think that October 21st will just come and go without incident.  We have you covered in either case.  Are you “Rapture Ready” and looking for Jesus, or think this is a hoax and believe you will Survive Judgement Day 2011?  Shirt’s Here – get you’re shirts here!

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At the VERY least, I invite you to come back to this site on October 22 IF you’re still around to tell me that I was wrong, and how stupid I made myself look. Personally, I doubt that will happen, and will probably hanging in Heaven after Oct 21, 2011 – because I’ll be saved in the Rapture!

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