Judgement Day is coming on 12-21-12, exactly as predicted by the ancient Mayans thousands of years ago.  Scientific evidence has backed up claims that December 21st will bring about great change on earth, forever changing our civilization as we know it.  It isn’t just Nostradamus slyly suggesting that 12-21-12 will be doomsday, but scientists have confirmed a major change on earth due to our place in the solar system as of that day.

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On December 21st, 2012, the planet earth will cross the middle of the galaxy, potentially reversing the magnetic forces of the north and south polls.  This drastic change has the power to result in a devastating turn of events, wherein electricity as we know it will be rendered useless.

Due to the shift of pulls of the polls, we could see communication and power become useless.  Imagine a world where we have to resort back to the days of cavemen, where anarchy rules and every meal has to be fought for.  That’s why they call it doomsday.


While doomsday will come on December 21, 2012, the effects won’t actually set in for about 48 hours.  After those first two days, humans will start fighting for water, and protecting their assets from being stolen by intruders.  Chaos will ensue, and doomsday will forever be known as the day when everything changed.

Doomsday bunkers and protective shelters simply won’t be enough to ward off the onslaught of changes.  Surviving doomsday won’t be as simple as everyday life currently is.

What Happens after December 21st?

After December 21st, you will need to figure out how to survive in an apocalyptic world.  Friends and family won’t mean as much as allies in your neighborhood who can help you find clean drinking water and prevent attacks from foes.  Figure it out!

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Is the End Near?

The end of the World has been a fear for all generations throughout the history of time.  While many people are hopeful that the end times will occur during their lifetime, others sincerely fear the idea of the world ceasing to exist while they’re alive and well.  The end is near according to many Christian Scientists who have studied the bible, and are aware of the signs that are noted in the Book of Revelation.  Odds are that if you’re reading this blog, the End will come in your lifetime.

Who you gonna call?  God Busters!

December 21st, 2012 is the date that most people who believe that the world is ending.  There are several reliable resources that have all but proven that December 21 2012 will be the end of the world, as there will be major catastrophic changes to the earth.  How did the Mayans predict that 12/21/12 would be the end?

As master astrologists, the Mayans created a calendar that clearly marked this day in history as a major turning point for our civilization.  December 21st will mark a shift in our earths positioning in the galaxy.  Our home planet will cross the center of the universe, potentially causing life as we know it to cease.

Some experts think that when we cross the center of the galaxy on December 21, that our polls will reverse their charge of positive and negative, rendering electricity as we know it unusable.  Humans have become extremely reliable on energy that powers everything from their alarm clock to their cars and if the experts are right, most people wouldn’t survive such a massive change.

What the Church is Saying about December 21st

The Mayans aren’t the only ones who think that major change will occur on December 21st.  Many high ranking officials in the Catholic Church are quietly leaking their predictions that this date may also mark the return of Jesus.  The Book of Revelations describes the signs that the world is coming to an end, and many of those elements of the story are playing out in front of our eyes.

The Signs that the End are near are all around us, including the recent suggestions that Jesus had a wife.  These types of false stories about our lord and savior were described in the Book of Revelations as signs that He would return for the Rapture soon.  Since God created the earth, and the earth is about to go through major changes, it seems like a good time for him to send his son back to do some dirty work.

How to Prepare for Doomsday

Some false prophets might tell you that they know how to avoid Doomsday with bunkers and magic potions, but the truth is that God is in complete control now.  There is no way to avoid the second coming of Jesus regardless of how hard you try.

The only way that you can prepare for doomsday is by praying for forgiveness for your sins.  Close this window, pray now.

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Jesus had a Wife

Jesus had a wife according to media outlets that are trying to convince faithful Christians that their savior was not as pure as once thought.  False Prophets!  After 2,000 years of Christians knowing that Jesus Christ was pure and holy, false prophets are trying to convince them otherwise by presenting “facts.”  Everyone knows that Christians don’t rely on facts.

The stories from the Book of Revelation continue to play out in front of our eyes, and we near December 21st, the day of Judgement for all humans.  False prophets are spreading lies about Jesus our savior, political structures are crumbling all over the world, drought and famine continue to progress, and people are still ignoring the signs that the world is coming to an end on December 21, 2012.  How could they be so blind?

Those who truly follow religious trends and the important moments in time know that the end of the Mayan calendar does in fact mark the last day of Earth as we know it.  Some religious scholars are suggesting that the world may continue to exist after that set date, but not in the way that we have known it to since God created the Earth, humans, plants and animals.

Jesus (the bachelor) will Return to Earth on December 21

He will come down from the heavens surroundedHorses of the Apocalypse Painting by a bright light, carrying with him the list of good and bad Children four days before Santa Claus is expected to do the same.  This list will determine who will be saved in the Rapture, and who will be left behind on Judgement Day.  Those on the list will be gracious to spend eternity in Heaven with the Holy trinity, while doomsday will ensue for those left behind by Jesus.  Why wouldn’t everyone be saved?

False prophets, like those who claim that Jesus had a wife will surely be left behind on Doomsday, and sinners from around the world will join them in the torture that comes with the end of the world.  With just a few short months left until December 21 Doomsday, it is not too late to get right with God by repenting your sins, and devoting the remainder of your life to THE man.

Doomsday or Heavenly Eternity for You?

Will you spend eternity in Heaven, or be left behind to experience Doomsday, as described in the Book of Revelation?  We suggest that the majority of humans will be left behind, so odds are that whoever is reading this will be amongst those ignored by Jesus on December 21st.  Non-Christians, those who skip church for football and have pre-marital sex will be doomed to spend the rest of their time on earth experiencing the tortures detailed in the end times section of the Book of Revelation.  Which side will you be on?


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What the US Government Knows about 12/21/12

The United States Government isn’t entirely sure of what will happen on December 21, 2012, but they do know that something is brewing, and anticipating major changes.  With just a few short months until 12/21/12, officials have remained mum on the topic of what they expect on one of the most anticipated dates in history, but they have many predictions of what will happen.

One of the most popular ideas is that the world will not come to screeching halt as so many others fear that it will.  There are suggestions that the United States government believes that when the earth crosses the middle of the solar system, that there will be a shift in magnetic polls from the ends of the earth, causing electronic devices to fail, worldwide.  Electricity as we know it will be done.

December 21 2012

Without electricity as we know it, the world may not end, but it will be drastically effected on December 21st.  The Mayans may not have been trying to mark the end of the world, but instead created a date for Judgement Day – a day when everyone decided how they were going to live from there on out.

Life after December 21st, 2012

Without electricity, and life forever changed, it is difficult to tell exactly how humans will react after Judgement Day 2012.  Human nature tells us that it will take just 72 hours before instincts set in and anarchy takes over civilization.  Judgement Day doesn’t necessarily require a Rapture, but it does require you to think on your feet.

Doomsday bunkers are a good idea for those who aren’t confident in fending off intruders after their water supply.  Self defense classes, big sticks and one way mirrors are other good ideas for those preparing for the worst on December 21st, 2012.  How will you prepare for 12/21/12?

How to Prepare for December 21 2012

The way that you prepare for doomsday depends on your location, nature, and fear of the worst.  There have been many other predictions that the world is coming to an end, and not once have they come true.  Scientists have also dismissed December 21 2012 as yet another false alarm, but the Mayans sure did seem to get a lot right.  Decide how you think you should proceed.

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How to Prepare for December 21 2012

The Second Coming of Jesus happens on December 21st

With Jesus set to return to the Earth for the first time in over 2000 years, many Christians are wondering how they should prepare for the Second Coming on December 21st.  Millions of Christians have been waiting for the son of God to come down and save them in the Rapture for centuries, but those alive in the present day will be lucky enough to experience the Rapture.

As predicted by the Mayans, Nostradamus and other experts, the end of the world is coming on December 21, 2012.  We are watching the Book of Revelation’s description of the End of Days play out before our eyes, as a devastating drought sweeps across the United States while Judgement Day approaches.  Warring nations in the Middle East, like Syria are on the brink of sending the world into nuclear disaster, while Iran prepares their weapons of mass destruction, which will be set off once they realize their religion was wrong – and that Jesus is our Savior!

How are you going to prepare for December 21, 2012?  It all depends on whether or not you expect to be saved by Jesus Christ when he returns for the Second Coming.  Here are your two options.

Option 1:  If You Believe in Jesus…

If you believe in Jesus, December 21stDecember 21 Jesus Second Coming Image shouldn’t be a date to fear, as you very well may be saved in the 2012 Rapture.  The skies will open, Jesus will descend from the heavens for the second coming, and save His true believers in the rapture.  Those saved in the rapture will spend eternity in Heaven with Him and his Big Daddy, God.  It’ll be the best early Christmas Present Ever!

December 21 2012 will be a beautiful day of revelations for all of humanity.  Those who do not believe in Jesus won’t face the same outcome as those who do.

Option 2:  If you don’t believe that Jesus is our Savior…

Well, if you don’t believe that Jesus died for your sins, then you should start preparing for December 21st right now.  Many predict that this day will be the end of the world, while others suggest that it will be a rebirth of consciousness as our way of life changes drastically – perhaps by losing electric power as we know it.

Judgement Day preppers suggest Doomsday Bunkers to house your food, water, and families to survive months of extreme conditions after December 21st.  If you don’t believe that Jesus is our savior, than stocking up on water and non-perishable canned foods now is essential if you want to survive the months following December 21 2012.

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Drought is a Sign of Judgement Day

Drought stretching across America is

a Sign of Judgement Day

Disasters have been declared in over 1,000 counties across the United States due to the extreme drought that our country is facing.  As if we needed another sign of Judgement Day, the drought is just another piece of evidence that shows us that the world will end on December 21st, 2012.  Extreme heat has plagued the United States for the past several months, and has now become a massive problem effecting crops, life, and signifying that the end of the world is coming soon.

As detailed in the Book of Revelation, extreme drought is a sign that Judgement Day, the Apocalypse, and The End of the World are rapidly approaching.  We want to look at how such extreme drought will cause a domino effect, impacting life everywhere in a short period of time.

Loss of soybeans and corn are far from the only plants being effected by the lack of rain across the U.S., as many crops are failing due to the extreme heat and lack of water, essential to life.  As more crops continue to fail, the population of our country will quickly go hungry, causing famine, and eventually death in large numbers.

The Day of Judgement

Drought causes famine.  Famine causes death.  Death causes disease.  Disease causes more death.  As the dominos fall in this game of heat and drought, we inch closer to large amounts of death in the United States.  Many believe that this is described in exactly this manner by the Book of Revelation, and is simply a way for God to weed out those who do not have any chance of being saved in the Rapture by Jesus.

With the day of Judgement coming in just a few months, December 21st, this is a clear sign that the end times are truly here.  Those who don’t have a strong relationship with Jesus will be the first to be effected by the drought, while others are either chosen by God to spend eternity in Heaven, or destined to a torturous death during the Apocalypse on earth.  Will you be saved in the Rapture?

How to know if YOU will be Saved by Jesus in the Rapture…

The Rapture may very well occur before the end of the world on December 21 2012.  Only God knows who will be saved by Jesus in the Rapture, and sent to heaven to bask in His glory for all eternity, but there is one way that you can determine if you will be among the lucky ones who are saved.  Your Heart.

If you truly know in your heart that Jesus is your savior, and that God has your back no matter what, then He knows that, and will reward you by allowing you to be saved in the 2012 Rapture, on or before December 21.  Which side will you be on?

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How to Prepare for an Emergency

Extreme Heat – is this Doomsday?

Extreme heat has swept across the United States, making it hellishly hot on the East Coast and in the Mid-West for over a week, and now scorching the Southwest in ways we’ve never before seen.  Is this extreme heat a sign that Doomsday is coming?  Many people think that the answer to that question is “yes!” and are preparing for worst case scenarios – are you prepared?

With all this heat, the potential for extended power outages has increased the need to have your home stocked with all of the essentials to survive for days without the amenities that we’ve become accustomed to.  We’re going to discuss the types of materials and goods that you need to have in your stock pile in order to be prepared for such situations.

Emergency Essentials

Whether trying to survive a prolonged power outage in extreme heat, or preparing for Doomsday on December 21st, you need to have all of the correct emergency essentials at the ready to survive.  Is your home stocked with the essentials needed in such a situation?  Let’s take a look at the most important items you will need to make it through the next emergency you encounter…

Shelter for Safety

Keeping yourself safe, and others out is one of the most important aspects of surviving an emergency.  You need to make sure that your doors lock securely, while still having windows with secure screens to be able to reach the outside world.  Consider adding extra locks to your main entrance way.  If you’re working with a traditional door, add deadbolts.  Many will be working with tents if they cannot stay in their primary residence – in which case additional locks for your tent will at the very least slow other intruders from getting into your secure dwelling.

Make sure to have portals to the outside world as well.  We suggest secure screens to be able to communicate with those passing by your shelter, which will also allow you to determine if those passerby’s are friends or foes.

Food for Survival

Emergency Preparedness Food is one of the key essentials needed to survive any doomsday type scenario.  Being able to survive for weeks, months, or even a year without the luxury of a grocery store and traditional cooking methods will put you in a good position to make it through an extreme emergency.  Survival is dependent on food and water, so make sure to always have a stock pile of non-perishable emergency nourishment on hand at all times.

Weapons for Security

Your stock pile of food and water is going to be a target for others who weren’t as prepared for an emergency, such as December 21st, as you are.  Weapons for security are a great idea, to help keep potential intruders from stealing your emergency supplies.  Guns, knives, stun guns and the like are all effective tools that you can use to keep yourself, and your supplies safe.  Stock up now!

Communication Devices

You can’t expect cell phones to be reliable in cases of extreme emergencies, or after December 21st.  We suggest finding alternative communication devices to use in the case of Doomsday or an extended power outage.  Traditional battery powered walkie talkies will work just fine.  Make sure to have back up batteries, and multiple pairs of them to be able to communicate over short ranges.

Do You Need a Doomsday Bunker?

Having a Doomsday Bunker isn’t the worst idea.  While you may never end up needing something with such security, having the insurance and peace of mind in case you do isn’t a bad idea.  There are doomsday bunkers for sale all around the United States in case you’re thinking of making the purchase to keep your family safe, and be able to properly store food.  The keys to surviving doomsday are easy to read, but harder to implement.  Don’t wait!  Get started building your stock pile now!

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End of Times Prediction

End of Times Prediction

December 21 2012, the biggest End of Times Prediction of all time is coming closer by the day.  What will happen on December 21?  Will the End Times prediction come true?  Nostradamus and the Mayans suggest that the end times are coming, but others are denying that their righteous predictions are nothing but hoopla.  Which side of this prediction do you fall on?  Will the world End on December 21, 2012?

Despite all of the previous failed end times predictions that have come and gone without incident, there are still millions of people who think that the world will be coming to an end this in 2012.  There are some major facts to back up the 2012 end times predictions, suggesting that the world will be coming to an end in just a few months.  Want to hear what some of them are?  Here we go…

First off, The Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012.  This ancient civilization was made up of astronomers who were way ahead of their time, and knew more about our galaxy than any other civilization that existed at the same time.  Perhaps they knew something that we do not.  One thing that coincides with their prediction, is that the planet earth is crossing over the center of the milky way galaxy on this exact date, which may cause massive change in the earth’s magnetic polls.  Some even suggest that the polls will reverse their magnetic charge.

The End of Times 2012

Judgement Day may have already come.  God may have already determined whether or not you will end up in Heaven, and we’re already living during the end of times 2012.  This may not be included in the Mayan Prophecy, or Notradamus’s predictions, but the book of revelation does talk about this period in history.  How do you know if you’ll go to heaven or hell?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to determine whether you will spend eternity in Heaven with God, or be condemned to hell until December 21st, 2012 when the world ends.  Many claim that they know how they will spend their eternity, but many will be wrong.  If you have been a good person, and true believer in God, you could be on the “Nice” list, rather than the dreaded “Naughty” one.

It is the End of Times, now, in 2012.  Changes in the planet on such a drastic measure will surely ruin life on earth for humans, and there is nothing that you can do about it.  God is all knowing and all powerful, and he will be the one who determines when you spend eternity.

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