Return of Jesus

The Second Coming

Bible Verses help us understand how Jesus Christ wants us to live our lives.  The 10 Commandments help us navigate through this difficult world of temptations, and teach us all about Jesus Love.  There is no other love that compares to the raw love that Jesus can show you on Earth.  The goal of Jesus Love is to help you communicate your feelings back towards God, and spend the rest of eternity in Heaven with the Holy Trinity as God has always intended for Judgement Day.  These are all facts that most Christians accept as part of their everyday faith, so they should also pay attention to the Second Coming of Jesus.

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The End Times are among us, and Jesus Christ wants you to know exactly when he will return to earth for the second coming.  The last time that God sent Jesus to Earth was over 2000 years ago, and it is finally time for Jesus to Return.  The teachings of dispensationalism shows us that we are now in the phase of this religious cycle that we should expect the end of the world as May 21 Doomsday.

Judgement Day 2011

Just as it is natural to want to believe in something bigger like religion, it is also natural to want to believe that Judgement Day will not come on May 21 2011.  I don’t blame you, as I too had a difficult time accepting the fact that the End Times are actually here, and that my life here on Earth will be coming to an end.  Very tough to swallow, but then I realized exactly what this really does mean.  Jesus himself will return to Earth on May 21 per God’s will in order to restore the spiritual world back to a stable level.

Second Coming of Jesus Christ on May 21 2011The Book of Revelations says that there will be some very difficult times ahead for those who are left on Earth until the end of the world on October 21 of this year.  I, and likely you reading, will be among the lucky ones who are able to be saved when Jesus returns to earth for the second time ever.  We will know when we are in His presence, as no love is as strong as Jesus Love.

Judgement Day Coming in April 2011?

It’s pretty clear at this point that Jesus will return in May, not April.  I have seen some rumors suggesting that the second coming of Jesus was in April, but that simply does not make sense according to the Bible.  If anyone tells you that Judgement Day is in April, you can send them to this blog, or simply tell them that is not what the Bible says.  Judgement Day is May 21 2011.  We only have a little over one month until the End of Days, stay tuned!



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One Response to Return of Jesus

  1. D Richard paul says:

    The thought that Jesus second coming will be on April or May of 2011 is not true and non supportive of any Bible expressions. The Bible clearly states in Mark 13:32 that the hour of coming of Jesus in the case of Rapture mentioned in Mathew 24:30 is not known even to Jesus Himself and not even to the angels. Therefore except God the Father no other person can predict the day of Rappture. The day of rapture is not the second coming of Jesus for Jesus will not come unto the earth but only appear amidst the clouds and gather the righteous through the angels. (I Thesolonians 4:10-17).
    As regards the second coming of Jesus which is also called as the Judgement day which will also be the day of the Global End (Mathew 24:3) can be calculated. It will have to be calculated on the basis of Jesus first coming.
    Daniel 9:25 says that the coming of Mesaiah Jesus can be calculated on the following formula:
    From the day of passing of the proclamation to rebuild Jerusalem to the day of coming of Messaiah Jesus = 7weeks and 62 weeks.
    King Cyrus passed to Proclamation to rebuild Jerusalem (Ezra 1:1&2) on 538 BC. Jesus was born into this world on BC 5. Therefore the in between period is 533 years.
    The same formula has to be applied for the second coming of Jesus also
    After the ottaman reign the kingdom of Palastein was taken over by the Britishers on AD1017 and had declared Isrsael as an independent nation and passed the proclamation for the rebuildindg of Jerusalem on
    1948 AD. Therefore the 2nd coming of Jesus will be after 533 years thereafter. i.e. 1948 + 533 = 2481 AD Therefore the second coming of Jesus and the Judgement doday will fall on 2481 AD.
    The Bible also says that this globe will be changed into a Lake of fire unto the day of Judgement and perdition of the ungodly men i.e. after the day of Judgement this earth will be destroyed by fire by the word of God and all the ungodly will be left there for everlasting sufferings(II Peter 3:6&7/Rev 20:14). The earth will be moved from its orbit and a new heaven and a new earth will be created by God where the righteous will live there for ever and ever. (Rev: 20:14).
    Now another unclarified poing is how does 533 years be equal to 7 weeks and 62 weeks?
    7weeks and 62 weeks are to be taken as 762 weeks
    762 weeks are to be converted as days by multiplying it by 7
    762 X 7 = 5334 days
    days are to be considered as years = 5334 years. This is equal to 533 years and 4th month.
    So the second coming of Jesus, the Judgement day , and the global end will be on the 4th month of 2481 i.e April 2481. So let us prepare ourselves to meet Jesus on the day of Rapture which will occur at any moment henceforth.

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