Steve Jobs Dies

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO Dies at 56.  A Sign of the End of the World on October 21, 2011

Apple CEO and Cofounder Steve Jobs died today, October 5th of cancer.  The billionaire tech and business genius will be sincerely missed among the tech crowd, as well as people everywhere.  Is this another sign from God that the End of the World is coming on October 21?  Many signs point to ‘yes,’ due to how powerful Jobs was.  There are very few people who have single handedly changed the world, and Steve Jobs was one of them.

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With God planning to save his followers in the Rapture on October 21st, before the End of the World later that day.  The death of Steve Jobs is a clear sign from God that he did not want to let one of the worlds most influential, yet non-religious, people suffer through the 2011 Apocalypse.  How will the world change now that Steve Jobs is dead?

This very sad news comes with just a few weeks until the October 21st End of the World.  Steve Jobs will be spared from the torture of the Doomsday on October 21st 2011.  All you Apple and Iphone lovers out there can treasure you’re very favorite piece of technology.  Save it until the End of the World!

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