The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse will Come Before 2012

Everyone has heard that the Mayan Calendar predicts an End of the World date in 2012.  There have been movies, books, articles shows, blogs, and plenty of info about December 21, 2012, but others have come to the realization that the Apocalypse will come before the Mayans predicted.  Bible experts now know that the Apocalypse will come on October 21st, 2011.

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Warnings of the Apocalypse have rung throughout the world for almost every generation who has walked this planet, yet each have been disappointed that they were not the chosen ones.  Those alive today were excited in anticipation of the End of the World coming in December 2012 – so imagine how delightfully surprised they will be when Jesus shows up to the party a bit early on October 21 for the Apocalypse.

The Second Coming of Jesus on October 21st will be quite the event.  With plans for the 2011 Rapture, October Apocalypse, and the eventual End of the World on the 21st of, Jesus will be a busy guy when He Returns.  His job is to save followers of God, battle the Devil for the final time, and carry out the destruction of the World.  Will you be among the chosen ones, saved in the Rapture 2011?

Proof of the October 21st End of the World

The Red Sox collapse in September, to lose the Wild Card to the Tampa Bay Rays should be proof enough that the End of the World is Coming on October 21st.  God could not stand the idea of the Boston Redsox making a playoff run for the World Series only to have the World End on October 21st before they could secure the championship.  The John Lackey text message, and Evan Langoria homerun to win the Wild Card for the Tampa Bay Rays were both direct signs from God that the Apocalypse will come before 2012.

Others who question if October 21st is fake or real will find out quickly over the next several weeks that the signs of the Apocalypse that God is giving us are very real, and should be a focus of day-to-day life at this point.  No human in their right mind wants to try to survive the Apocolypse, let alone a Zombie Apocalypse, and should do everything in their power to be saved in the Rapture.

What is the Rapture?

The Rapture is when God’s faithful are saved, brought to Heaven by Jesus, and left to spend Eternity with the Father.  When is the Rapture?  October 21st, 2011 of course!  The Rapture marks the start of the Apocalypse, as God would never make his faithful followers suffer through the torments of the End Times.  The Rapture will be evident when the signs of the Apocalypse from God become extremely loud and incredibly close, just as the Bible describes.  Will you be saved in the 2011 Rapture?

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