The Apology for May 21st Judgement Day Prediction

I’m Sorry You Weren’t

Saved in the Rapture

Jesus has come, few were saved, even less noticed his presence, but May 21st was still Judgement Day.  If you are reading this blog, then you were not saved by Jesus in the Second Coming, and have been left behind during the End of Days.  There are just five months remaining until the End of The World on October 21 2011.  Prepare yourself for the End Times now by stocking up on water, canned goods, and appropriate clothing before the End of The World.

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How to Prepare for the Apocalypse

You can prepare for the Apocalypse, now that the Rapture has come and gone, by acknowledging that you have been missed in the Second Coming of Jesus.  There were millions saved that went unnoticed on May 21st, but the signs that Jesus is back until the End of the World will soon become much more evident as time goes on.

I Survived Judgment Day 2011 T-Shirt

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Get a shirt, show the world that you were one of the “lucky ones” on May 21st who weren’t taken to Heaven by Jesus.  They’re on sale for a limited time, they fit great, and match almost anything in your closet!  May 21st 2011 is the most important day that has ever happened on earth, and you can own this piece of history with just a couple mouse clicks.

The End of The World 2011 still coming October 21st

Saturday May 21st is just the start of the Apocalypse now that Jesus has returned to Earth.  Those left now face 5 months of torment during the End Times since they were not saved on Judgement Day 2011.  Are you disappointed by God’s decision not to save you in the Rapture?  Are you Ok with the fact that you will see the End of the World in just 5 short months?  Buy yourself a T-Shirt!  It’s a GREAT conversation starter, and will help you spread the word that the End of the World is coming soon.

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35 Responses to The Apology for May 21st Judgement Day Prediction

  1. tomo says:

    No I wasn’t raptured and oh.. neither were you – sad thing is you still won’t realise your delusion. I will wait for your full apology and laughable back peddling as to why nothing happened.

  2. Still Waiting says:

    A) if this is an automated response, you may want to stop further ones to simply stop embarassing yourself.
    B) why are you charging for rapture t-shirts when you are not reaping the rewards.
    C) why would I stock up on water and canned goods for the end of days when it’s a mere 5 months away, even salad dressing lasts longer then that.

  3. James says:

    Whoever writes this shite is seriously f*cked in the head and needs to seek professional help!

    You are a troll and the only reason you created this site was to try make a quick buck by feeding off the weak-minded by selling these stupid t-shirts.

    I will give you credit…it’s capitalism at it’s best…but it’s time to move on.

    There was no rapture…period! There isn’t going to be 5 months of hellish torment until the world is destroyed by the all powerful, imaginary, sky-friend. And if there was, the fact that you are still updating the site tells me you’re going to hell with the rest of us.

    It’s over man…give it up!

    • Pedro says:

      Dude. He knows that. He’s being sarcastic, and is poking at those who believed in the rapture. Great Job, man. You are one of the greatest trolls ever.

      • James says:

        I stand corrected. Never read the “About” page before. Thanks Da Man! Now that I know this is nothing more than a big joke against Camping’s group…carry on Admin! I hope you sell the shite out of those shirts. I mean if Camping can make serious bank off the apocalypse…why not you…right?

        Oh…and thanks Pedro for setting me straight on this!

        And Mark…How’s the view from up there? I bet you can see EVERYTHING!

    • Konrad Edward Wegrzyniak says:

      swearing is a sin

    • Elizabeth says:

      So I guess the person updating this site was not saved either…haha…seriously what a joke! How about enjoying life instead of worrying when the end of the world is coming! We all have our day, do you really want to waste your time on this?

  4. jj_680 says:

    For THIS post writer: I’m sorry but We’re not Saved in the Rapture

  5. Mark says:

    Speaking as one who has been raptured, let me tell you, James, heaven’s better than you can imagine. Ok, yeah, they DO water down the drinks when you order top shelf but there’s no bandwidth restrictions and you can even get an AT&T signal!

  6. Joe says:

    You are an absolute moron. No-one was saved in the “rapture” because it didn’t fucking happen.
    The scum of organised christianity needs to be wiped from this planet Hitler style. Religion in general is bad enough, but at least most of them don’t cause any harm. Christianity is an industry of pure unfiltered evil and exists solely as a money making machine. You’re happily exploiting people who are too stupid to make their own minds up about life so they blindly follow an organised unit that makes their decisions for them and tells them they’re going to be “saved” if they give you their money. I hope hell is real, because you are the first in the fucking line you cunt.

  7. Da Man says:

    I lol’d when I read the about page, I just might buy a rapture t-shirt now ^_^

    • admin says:

      Being Rapture Ready of proclaiming that you survived Judgement Day 2011 is a great conversation starter. Go for it! You will be the only cool kid on the playground with one!

  8. Frankie says:


  9. Chloe says:

    If people who believe in Jesus were saved yesterday, then why are YOU still here? Didn’t think about that, did you?

    • joanna says:

      my thoughts exactly…me thinks you need to read your Bible more carefully. when i read mine, it clearly states: …”But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” (Mark 13:32).” i pray that you’ll search the Scriptures, find the Truth, & believe.

  10. Nicole says:

    LOL Star for you for capitalizing on this but –question. If the rapture happened and because we’re here reading this blog, we didn’t get “saved,” how are you still here? Better put on one of your shirts quick.

    I just hope the people that buy these shirts (if any do) are doing it for the laughs and nothing more.

    Just a quick no-brainer note: You can’t use the Bible as proof of things that will happen according the Bible. That’s like quoting a book that says that glittery rainbow unicorns will come down from the moon next week and then claim it’s true because a book I read says so. Stupid people.

  11. BJNJ says:

    These rapturists are a bunch of under performers who have a lot of time on their hands. Now they look stupid but alas, they will retreat into their little world of denial and think of more stupidity. First there was 1994, but then there was a mathematical error. Then there was May 21, 2011. Wonder what the excuse will be. OR MAYBE these clowns are selling tee shirts and we all got scammed!!!! BJNJ

  12. tara says:

    so much for the rapture, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all the dead bodies in the graveyard next door are still safely in the ground :)

  13. Declan says:

    Well well well. It appears you are wrong again Mr Camping. Give up, you’re now the worlds biggest fool. There was no rapture whatsoever. You said there would be an earthquake, there was none. No one should listen to you, you arrogant homophobic prick.

  14. Renate says:

    Hmmm I guess you weren’t saved eather than, I think you posted this May 21st? Or did you tell Him “Wait, please send me to heaven in a few minutes, I have to make a post on my blog first!’?

    They say that the ways of God are inscrutable, so no one can look into the heart and mind of God. … and you believe that a simple soul like Harold Camping outsmarted God and could look into His heart and mind? Please.. IF you believe that a judgement day is coming just live your life as God would like you to and don’t try to pick his brain. If He wanted us to know the exact date, he would have been clearer. But nope, He just wants us to live our lives His way, and don’t sit and wait for it to come.

    Ps. I look at this objective(ly), I’m an athiest :)

  15. peter iachetta says:

    i felt the earth shake and move, the world did end and u all missed it..

    o wait. sorry it was me i farted!!!

  16. Rebecca says:

    I can understand why I would be left behind… But my children??? I would like an explanation to that please…. I may not go to church, but I believe in God and and His Miracles and Jesus and his Sacrifice, but I do not believe God would punish the innocent children of this world, and shame on you for not having enough Faith in the GOODNESS of our Lord!!!

  17. Jakob Ohrmann says:

    It seems that the whole “rapture thingy” didn’t work out as planned :). Because even you are still here 😀

  18. Miles Conrad says:

    LOL. Omg, I love this site. Fucking awesome.

    To the dumbasses who are hating on the site, seriously… Get a sense of humor.

    Man I love sarcasm. Keep up the good work admin, I’ll be back here in October ;D

  19. Kolbe says:

    I’m Sorry You Are Severely Delusional

    Jesus is here in the hearts of all who believe in Him, and He wants to be in the hearts of all. May 21st was NOT judgement day, but rather yet another day of His infinite Mercy. If you wrote or believed this blog, you are incredibly delusional and deceived by Mr. Camping. You should have been reading the Bible instead of this blog. There is still 5 months until 21 October 2011, but I’m sure the majority of the world will see the 22nd also. We don’t know when the world should end, only God does. So I’ll continue to stock up on my weapons, canned food, MREs, and I’ll keep making my bunker and having Zombie Apocalypse drills, but I will NOT live in a state of paranoia (for the most part). I’ll see ya later.

  20. Ed says:

    Will you post again on 22nd October saying “The world has ended but no one has noticed”?

    This is seriously the most pathetic excuse I have ever seen.

  21. Mrs. Kabe says:

    I am not surprised we are all still here, on the other hand I am ashamed and disgusted at people like you who spread false hope to people for the rature that did not happen. Obvioulsy you need to re-read your bible, because no matter what you say, God DID NOT give a day that he will return. This is why I do not call myself a christian, because I would then be put in a catagory such as yourself. I am a baptist, a born again believer that Jesus died for me. Thats all. Christians as you claim to be, make such a bad name for the rest of us, that it is hard to spread the gospel when you are continually making these absurd and irratic predictions. I pray that the harm you have done to the people that believed your malarky will go severly punished by the Almighty….

  22. Carly says:

    i dont understand how Camping could figure out (using simple math) when the world was going to end. I’m not even in high school yet, and i could figure out what the bible is really saying: “WE DON’T FREAKIN’ KNOW WHEN THE END OF THE WORLD IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    It’s not our job to spend years and years trying to do math on it because God doesn’t want us to live our lives that way. I believe that the world will end eventually and that i will serve God in any way I can until that day comes and that’s just the way it’s gonna be. Camping can waste his time with his incredibly STEEEYOOOPIDD calculations but his not doing himself any good unless his objective is to show the world how good he is at tricking ignorant people into believing his crap.

  23. BBoy says:

    These rapturists are just full of BS. They are pretending that they know when judgement day is, and trying to make a buck out of it. First of all, you are ignoring what the bible says and what christians believe. Secondly, you are lying to the public, and cheating them out of their money. Lastly, and worst of all, you are claiming to be Jesus, or the Father himself. Who really deserves to be left behind on Judgement Day?

  24. Pagan says:

    Read my post regarding their t-shirts. Harold is nothing but a money monger and a liar. If you read the latest addition “I’m sorry you weren’t saved…” and still believe Harold you should throw yourself into an active volcano. It is one lie upon another and those stupid enough still believes this person, well, you truly do not deserve to share earth with the rest of us.

    The Lie: Jesus has come, few were saved… (new words)
    But liar Harold clearly said (on the very same page) “The Great Quake…, is the Earthquake that will strike the earth on May 21 2011 at 6PM.”

    Further on…
    “Well, quite simply, Jesus will save those who truly believe in god, while shunning those who have ignored his love. These people will be saved on May 21 2011”

    Back to the top…
    “You can prepare for the Apocalypse, now that the rapture has come and gone, by acknowledging that you have been missed in the second coming…”

    So, liar Harold, why were you missed? So liar Harold, how could you have missed Jesus or better, how did Jesus miss you? My question, where liar Harold is this earthquake? Where liar Harold is the tsunami? Where liar Harold is Jesus? Have you see Jesus? Why did he leave you behind, oh wait… to spread further lies. Why liar Harold should people stock up on food? Did you not clearly say that those left behind is to live in torture by Jesus (hmm, the loving Jesus that is), knowing they are not saved? What use is food, clothes (apart from your t-shirts, god will immediately recognise his flock by their t-shirts) or anything else, all is lost anyway.

    Why liar Harold are you still wanting to sell your stupid t-shirts? Now those left behind are “the lucky ones” you say. Read you bible again liar Harold and see what must be done to liars and false prophets, you should be stoned to death, even that is too good for you.

    Why don’t you spread the word of how the bible lie was forced upon people across the world? Why don’t you preach the hatred of god? Why don’t you step up and tell people how god lied? Oh, you cannot, because you lie as much (perhaps more) than god, you hate more than god (if that is possible) and you are a deceiver greater than the so-called devil.

  25. James says:

    So God sent u 2 sell those t.shits oh i mean shrt gt a life man,stp threatning the inocents so if u r a belivr da savd on 21st wt do u nid mney for or u wnt 2 use it 2 return 2 hvn!! If u bored or broke sk 4 help ul gt 1.GOD BLSS U

  26. James says:

    So God sent u 2 sell those t.shits oh i mean shrt gt a life man,stp threatning the inocents so if u r a belivr da savd on 21st wt do u nid mney for or u wnt 2 use it 2 return 2 hvn!! If u bored or broke sk 4 help ul gt 1.

  27. Lynda E says:

    Hi Admin,

    Interesting website. What a creative way to spark conversation! I’ve been reading with interest through all of the comments. What I find most fascinating isn’t other people’s views, but the why and how they come to their conclusions. Fantastic.

    I’m a great fan of sarcasm and yours is quite top notch. Keep up the faith! lol.

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