The Rapture

The Rapture

Rapture 2011 did not happen May 21

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the Rapture did not come on May 21 as Harold Camping and Family Radio had predicted.  Many christians were disappointed that the Rapture prophecy was wrong, and asked for another look at the Rapture in the Bible.  Many are quick to quote verses claiming that the Second Coming of Jesus to Earth for the Rapture cannot be predicted by anyone, but are still ignoring the in depth analysis that Harold Camping has done for them.

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The End of the World was originally thought to come 5 months after the day of the Rapture, where Jesus saves his true believers before the Apocalypse, but a new interpretation of the Bible now sheds some light on how we may experience several End of Time events all at once.

Rapture Date is October 21, 2011

Rapture Day will be October 21, 2011.  Harold Camping has helped us decipher God’s secret coded message from within the Bible to determine that the Rapture will come on the date of October 21, 2011.  Originally predicted as May 21, 2011, Harold discovered a mis-interpretation, leading to the mix-up.  The Rapture, Apocalypse, and End of the World were originally thought to be three separate events, or periods of the End Times.  We now know that the Return of Jesus, and End of the World will happen at the same time, and the battle of the Apocalypse will take closer to 5 seconds than 5 months.  Jesus has Karate skills!


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One Response to The Rapture

  1. Sceptic says:

    On 22nd May you claimed that rapture had come but no one noticed, now you write “It doesn’t take a genius to know that the Rapture did not come on May 21”.

    Are you therefore saying that “it doesn’t take a genius to know” that your own claims of 22nd May that it had come were completely false?

    Have you forgotten what claims you’ve made? Now you’re completely contradicting yourself.

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