Times of The End

The Apocalypse 2011

The End of Days is described by many different religions in many different ways, but all agree that the End Times will be like no other we have ever seen here on Earth.  The End of the World will be an amazing site for those alive during the destruction of God’s creation and those left behind in the Rapture on May 21 2011 will be the ‘lucky ones’ who get to bare witness.  Times of the End are coming and Harold Camping has proven it with his May 21 Doomsday prophecy.

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May 21st 2011

Judgement Day is coming very soon, and the second coming of Jesus will be either miraculous, or devastating depending on which side of the belief line you’re on.  True followers of Christ know from the Book of Revelations that The Times of the End have been pre-determined by God, and that the Second Coming during the Apocalypse will be glorious.  Bathe in the light that Jesus give thee, and accept his glory in the Rapture to be saved, swept into heaven, and live in eternity with the Father.  After the Return of Jesus, the Lost will be left to be tormented for 5 gruesome months of locusts, destruction, and disasters beyond our wildest imagination.

The End of the World

October 21 2011 will be the day that theHarold Camping of Family Radio world comes to and end.  God will destroy his creation after Jesus rules the earth during the Apocalypse for 5 months.  The Book of Revelations describes the End of Days for those not saved in the Rapture as being pure torment.  Those left behind during the return of Jesus will wish death upon themselves due to the terror they’ll face, but to no avail.  They will be left to suffer for their sins.  Times of the End will prove to everyone that Harold Camping is in fact correct about May 21st 2011 being Judgement Day, and the upcoming Apocalypse.  Recognize the signs of the Apocalypse, and heed the warning.


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One Response to Times of The End

  1. alan says:

    I admire your passion in holding to Harold Camping’s beliefs even if I don’t share in them. One waits for Mr. Camping to say that he received this from the Lord rather than as the result of his study.

    Even so, I hope you would agree that is a serious matter to call for what Mr. Camping calls for. . . that churches have been given over to Satan, that those who have been saved in them are in fact not saved at all if Mr. Camping is correct. If he is wrong about May 21st, then claiming the work of the Spirit (in bringing life to these) as the work of Satan is a most serious thing. The same can be said about the Lord’s call to remember Him in communion till He comes and Harold’s call that it should stop.

    When May 22nd comes, may you turn to the Lord and your faith be restored.

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