Where is the Rapture?

October 21st is Almost over, so…

Where is the Rapture?

I was wondering the same thing.  Harold Camping told us that October 21 2011 would be the date of the Rapture, and therefore expected the Second Coming of Jesus.  Perhaps I just haven’t gotten the news that some people WERE saved in the 2011 Rapture, and I simply was not on the “Nice” list when God sat down at the table for Judgement Day.  Maybe Jesus is like American Idol, and always makes you wait until the very end to find out the results.  Either way, I’m starting to second guess this whole October 21st End of the World thing…

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You’ve watched me stand by Harold Camping’s Rapture prediction of May 21, and then October 21.  I’ve put my chips on ‘Saved’ for the Judgement Day game, and prayed my hardest that I wouldn’t have to experience the Apocalypse.  At this point, I’m realizing that there are two real options.

Option 1: There was No Rapture,

The End of the World is Not Coming Today

I hate to admit that this is an option, but of course it is after Harold Camping’s other predictions have been a bust.  Perhaps Camping was wrong again about Doomsday, and we aren’t currently living in the Apocalypse.  Maybe Family Radio was simply in need of funding and the October 21 End of the World prediction was just a money making scheme.

Option 2: The Rapture Came Today,

The End of the World will be here Soon

Perhaps the Rapture came today, and I ended up on the Judgement Day “naughty” list.  Maybe I just haven’t seen news of anyone being saved in the Rapture because so few were brought up to Heaven by Jesus, in such remote locations, that media outlets haven’t yet picked up on it.  Truth is, most Christians lead a life with more sin than Atheists, according to the word of the Bible.

Now that I think of it, despite October 21 nearing an End, without much sign of the Rapture, perhaps there is actually another possibility as to what Jesus did today.  There are plenty of signs that the End of the World is still near, and perhaps other, relative End Times predictions hold the key to this riddle.

Have we been Living during the End Times Already?

Come to think of it, perhaps this makes more sense than the first two options.  Maybe May 21 was the Date of Judgement Day, when God decided who would be saved in the Rapture.  October 21st, today, was the date that the Rapture actually occurred, but so few were saved by Jesus that we don’t yet know.  Now with the current political and social unrest from around the Earth could very well be leading towards the End of the World.

Whispering of November 14 2011 being Harold Camping’s next Doomsday date have already spread among the Christian community, but do you want to know what I think?  Too bad.  I think that December 21, 2012, the date given by the Mayans will be date of the End of the World.  Why?

Will December 21, 2012 be the End of the World?

Just as with Harold Camping’s predictions, we will have to wait to see if the End of the Mayan Calendar signifies the End of the World date.  This date seems to make a lot of sense, considering the social unrest, “Occupy Wall Street” movement, constant fighting in the Middle East, and famine in pockets worldwide.  Terrorism, and violations of civil rights, are threatening life as we know it, and may lead to the End of Time.

Keep being a Good Person

No matter what you believe – The Harold Camping Predictions, Nostradamus Prophecies, Mayan Calendar, or non of that – if you just keep being a good person, you should end up doing OK in the End.  Rather than living in fear of God, live in confidence of yourself, and be the best person you can be.  In the words of your mom “Treat others like you want them to treat you, ya brat!”


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