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50 Website Design Options From eCommerce

Your e-commerce website should be just like a brick-and-mortar store.

It’s more than just about motion effects and sleek graphics. UX principles must be used in your design to create an easy shopping experience that allows you to reach the checkout.

The site should not only reduce friction but also reflect your brand’s values through a clear and intentional style. A professional, consistent “look” is a way to give buyers a sense of your business and reflects the value of your products.

Your Singapore e-commerce web designers should create an emotional connection between your customers and you. Allen Burt, Managing director of, explains the importance of an emotional design to your bottom line.

We’ve compiled 50 examples of the most successful e-commerce websites to help you get in touch with your customers. These sites are unique in their branding and use UX-friendly design to attract visitors and direct them to purchase.

1. Allbirds

Allbirds is an eco-friendly footwear company. They use color and spacing to emphasize the product’s worth. The shoes’ red color stands out against the muted background and draws attention to the product. Visitors will immediately see why they should purchase a pair of shoes despite this stark contrast.

2. Everlane

The Everlane clothing store uses high-quality photography in order to show customers that their products will perform. Visitors are first shown why shirtdresses are worth the effort. The clear photos show how the dresses are simple to put on, but are also crisp and unwrinkled. Visitors will be able to make an easy purchase by clicking the “Shop now” CTA.

3. MeUndies

The underwear company MEUndies uses colors to show off their products. Site design is mostly black-and-white, which allows vibrant product photos to shine and stand out for visitors.

4. Knotty Tie Co.

The unique feature of tie company Knotty Tie Co. is its custom design offerings. Knotty Tie Company makes it easy for visitors to complete the survey on their custom design. This survey eliminates friction and allows visitors to explore more of their products.

5. Outdoor Voices

The activewear company Outdoor Voices lets the image extend into their menu instead of separating the two. The photo is more vivid and visitors can immediately picture themselves outside in their clothing. Visitors are ready to browse and can find the CTA easily because its white color stands out and is at center.

7. Hardgraft

Hardgraft is a luxury men’s fashion brand that focuses on style and communicates this to their customers through text. To grab people’s attention, the bold language in the product description is magnified to make them feel like the apparel is well-crafted.

8. Chubbies

Chubbiesuses bright photos and colors to create a vacation mood that encourages people to make a purchase. They showcase their swim trunks in a tropical jungle setting on their homepage.

9. Alice + Whittles

To reflect the quality of their products, the boot company Alice + Whittles uses a minimalistic yet elegant design. The photo-oriented website feels clean and well designed, just like the brand’s limited selection of black boots. Visitors who seek timeless, essential footwear will love the design’s minimalist feel.

10. Fiercely

Fiercely uses product photographs and text to emphasize what makes their tees special: vintage design with modern messages. This value is immediately apparent on the homepage thanks to the prominent text “vintage vibes” and clear photos of graphic tee messages.

11. Solstice Intimates

The Solstice swim and lingerie shop captures visitors’ attention with its low-quality photos. Their product photos are often blurred in order to give the products a gritty, vintage feel that their buyers want. The point is not to use low quality photos. It’s important to capture the brand’s style and customers’ preferences, even if that means breaking design rules.

12. Wild Heart Jewellery

Wild Heart Jewellery’s clean design not only evokes the minimalist style of its products, but also makes it easy to navigate. It’s easy to navigate the store’s beige menu by the white background. Wild Heart, unlike other sites, leaves plenty of white space around its gold search bar at top. This makes it easy to see.

13. Away

Away showcases the value of their products through carefully designed images. The images are high-resolution and look amazing because the models are outfitted to match the suitcases. Visitors will be amazed at the beauty of the products thanks to the beautiful and fitting color palette.

14. Skagen

To showcase the value of their products, Skagen takes close-up photos in high resolution. The photos capture the watch face’s shine, digital screen clarity, and intricate braiding on the wristband.

15. MVMT watches

The MVMT watches store has a minimal menu bar that makes it easier to navigate and more appealing. There are only three menu options: Men’s, Women’s and Brand. This allows for plenty of white space to highlight the beautiful product photos. Visitors will be more inclined to shop if there are fewer menu options.

16. Miansai

The Miansai jewelry store places a minimal or no border around the majority of its photos to make them feel more immersive. It is easy to forget that the site is a shop. This makes it easier for buyers to imagine wearing the products. Visitors will likely start shopping when they see the product in use.

17. Warby Parker

Warby Parker combines a simple design with bright pastels to appeal to their customers. Their key customers love the minimalist design of the site. They want sleek, thin glasses. WP’s customers appreciate the brand’s artistic, creative feel.

18. Stay Home Club

The Stay Home Club website is simple to use and casually laid-back. It combines white space with hints color. The menu is simple and easy to find every product category. The store’s simple and clean design shows that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

19. Herschel

Video is one of the most engaging media, and it’s strategically placed on the homepage of the bag company Herschel to grab new customers. The video not only shows the products clearly but also features cool effects such as the blocks breaking that are attractive to viewers.

20. Goorin Bros.

The Goorin Bros’ website design features crisp, high-quality images that take up most of the screen space. This allows customers to get lost in the photos and become completely immersed in the product.

21. Diff Eyewear

Diff eyewear’s design reflects the lifestyle that their customers want. The brand’s promotion images feature bright, energetic colors that remind people that it is fun. The site features many photos of the sunglasses being worn outdoors so that visitors can visualize themselves using the product in their daily lives.

22. LOU Board

To excite customers about their products, Lou Board uses black against action-packed product images. It gives the product’s photos a cinematic feel and attracts skateboarders.

23. Beats By Dre

Headphones can be difficult to promote visually. After all, buyers are only interested in the sound quality. Beats By Dre still manages to make the site’s design stand out with a bold red color. To encourage buyers to shop CTAs, the company uses bright color in combination with other visual elements. The white streak in the above photo highlights the “Explore” button against the red.

24. Simplisafe

E-commerce shops selling security products must be more focused on their credibility than their fashion style, unlike apparel stores. SimpliSafe does this by prominently displaying their endorsements, reviews and testimonials right on their homepage. These reviews and endorsements are a great match for the site’s blue and white color scheme.

25. Nest

The Nest home device company grabs visitors’ attention with its bold use of color and striking product photos. Their new product is highlighted on their homepage with a bright blue background. Visitors are attracted by the color and move on to view the high-quality photograph of the doorbell. It shows how simple, small, and sleek the product is.

26. Bose

The Bose headphone company draws site visitors by giving product photos lots of space. There are many large images of the product on the site, including photos with models and the home page. Visitors can get lost in these large images and imagine themselves using the product, which may encourage them to buy it.

27. Oculus

The Oculus VR company’s website is an example of how to design stores for unfamiliar products. The site features a photo of the headset being used as well as a price point. Visitors would likely leave the site if they didn’t have this transparency. Oculus visitors are excited by the possibility of VR and can find the “Shop now CTA” CTA in blue.

28. Peloton

Site visitors who are unfamiliar with the products of a company need to be shown how it works. The homepage video of Peloton, a bike company, shows this. This video shows the user riding the bike in their own home and watching instructor videos. Visitors are intrigued by the product and want to know more.

29. Birdi

To quickly demonstrate the value of their smoke detector, Birdi used a combination text and video to create their homepage. The homepage clearly states that the product is a smoke detector, carbon monoxide and air quality detector. A video is embedded behind the text to demonstrate how the product can be used via smartphones. Birdi’s simple explanation through text and video makes it easy for customers to instantly see why Birdi is worth buying.

30. ProFlowers

The ProFlowers gift and flower company has a wide range of products that can easily overwhelm customers. The site has five categories at the top of their main menu, each one geared towards specific customer needs. This makes it easy to navigate their store. Visitors can find the product they are looking for much more easily without getting lost amongst other products.

31. The Bouqs Co

There is a little friction when buying flowers online. Most people would prefer to see the bouquet they are purchasing in person. The presentation requires a lot of skill. The Bouqs Cobuilds trust by providing a sweet, elegant web design that looks just like a florist. The site’s product images are bright and crisp, while the color palette is filled with preppy pastels.

32. Leaf & Clay

With a unique homepage design, Leaf & Clay makes it easy to navigate their website. Instead of just showing one photo, the store displays multiple photos to show the various categories. This is extremely helpful for visitors, as plants come in many different sizes. Visitors can see pictures to help them decide if the product is right for them.

33. Simone LeBlanc

To attract its customers, the gift shop Simone LeBlanc uses an ivory color scheme. They value classic, elegant styles. It is easy to navigate the store thanks to its simple colors. Visitors can only concentrate on the product photos and not any other distracting elements.

34. FoxBlossom

To captivate customers and increase sales, Foxblossom uses innovative photo display options. These images are larger than the product photos found on most ecommerce websites. Many products also have an alternate image that can be viewed by scrolling over.

35. Ritual

The Ritual women’s vitamin company engages visitors instantly on their homepage with a bright yellow background. It’s not only eye-catching, but it also gives Ritual visitors the energizing feeling they want to associate with their multivitamin. The color encourages people to click on the CTA to learn more.

36. Curology

The skin care company Cuology understands that buyers will only buy their products if they solve their problems. The homepage text changes to display the various skin problems Curology treats–blackheads and zits. Curology is the solution. The motion is captivating.

37. Glossier

The Glossier beauty company wants its customers to explore their website and search through the categories to find what they are looking for. Visitors are not always motivated to click on traditional site menus, which only display text. Glossier encourages users to explore categories using an image-oriented menu. Each category displays preview images of the products that it contains.

38. Hairstory

A unique quiz is what distinguishes Hairstory from other hair product companies. The quiz allows Hairstory’s visitors to instantly see the brand’s value and makes them personalized product recommendations. Visitors are immediately impressed by this personalized treatment via design once they visit the site.

39. Native Deodorant

Sites that have too many product pages can make the UX confusing. Native deodorant consolidated their products into three pages: Sensitive, Men, and Women. This created a seamless shopping experience. Visitors can view the various scents and varieties on each page. The store is extremely easy to navigate with just three options.


To show the value of their brand, Harry’s uses color and high quality images. Their site is awash in bold colors, such as the orange Harry’s handle. This makes the product stand out. Visitors can also see the razor blades in the sharp images, which shows that Harry’s razor blades are high-quality.

41. Quip

The UX for the toothbrush company Quip was so simple in directing people to purchase. To draw people in, two captivating homepage visuals are a high-resolution photo of the product and an orange CTA. They will naturally follow the CTA and move their eyes down the vertical toothbrush.

42 Dollar Shave Club

Photos of people add authenticity to web design and increase trust with visitors. Dollar Shave Club uses this principle to create a rotating collection of images featuring people using their products. Visitors love the motion and bold colors, but it is the idea of showing different users that makes them more human.

43 Volition

The unique value proposition of Volition is that their users can submit ideas for new products. These are then voted on and created by the community, which leads to creative creations. This value is highlighted on the homepage by a charming animation that shows how the community is growing. The motion is captivating and visitors will be drawn to the site to find out more about the model.

44 Julep

Instead of using a generic CTA, learn more. Shop now. The Julep beauty company has an engaging button that engages visitors. The box is bright purple and offers a special offer for visitors. Clickers who enter their email address are eligible for 25% discount Although it might seem intrusive to some visitors at first, many will be grateful and start to connect with the business in return.

45 Billie

The homepage video of Billie, a women’s shaving company, grabs attention. It is one of the most engaging mediums. This video has a pink filter that makes women feel comfortable. Visitors who are interested enough in the video will find a CTA in stark white right at the centre.

46 Winc

To simplify navigation, Winc uses minimal menu categories. Site visitors can choose between “wines”, “gifts”, and “discover” to easily determine where to go to get the desired action.

47 NatureBox

The NatureBox snack box company encourages users to explore their website with many avenues to reach categories. Visitors have two options: they can click on categories from the top menu or browse them using an image-based menu. Visitors will be more likely to shop if they have both browsing options.

48 Blue Bottle Coffee

The Blue Bottle Coffee uses photography to highlight the luxurious, exotic quality of their coffee. Blue Bottle shows visitors beautiful photos of the places where their coffee beans are grown.

49 Crema

Crema is a coffee subscription company that makes it easy for customers to interact with their product using their visually-focused customer survey. Clicking the “Get Started” CTA on the homepage will take you to a three-question survey that includes pictures for each answer. This survey is easy to use and encourages engagement.

50 Soylent

Soylent is a meal replacement shake company that uses text to explain their unique value to customers. Soylent provides more than just the price and quantity. It also includes the value per 400 calories and the savings that come with subscribing.

Let Design draw in your customers

Your customers’ shopping experience is influenced by the web design of your ecommerce store. Your design can make it easy for customers to abandon their carts, just as it can encourage them to buy. Your design should reflect your brand’s UX principles. Both will help visitors understand the brand’s value, and allow them to move on to checkout easily.

Although you want your website to be unique, it is a good idea to look at similar designs on other e-commerce sites to see how they can improve yours. This guide will help you understand how design influences sales and the strategies that can be implemented on your site.