How To Pass All Raid: Shadow Legends Stages?

Today’s Raid: Shadow Legends cheats and tips will help you quickly clear all stages.

This game is for you if you enjoy collecting over 300 heroes and trying different combinations and strategies. There are many dungeons you can go in. Do you want a Sacred Shard! We’ll show you how to get one or two!

Let’s dive into the Raid Shadow Legends tips, tricks and techniques that we have for you!

Choose a strong staring hero

The starting hero is important. This will be your starting hero for the entire game (hopefully). You’ll need a strong one that can actually be viable later, with the right upgrades and gears.

This is a crucial feature as it will be your first champion. There are four good Rare champions that you can choose from. They all specialize in Attack and have the same Leader Buff (increases party members’ HP by 15%). It only differs in their actual skills.

The starting heroes are Elhain a High Elf that I like and consider to be the strongest of the four, Kael which is also as strong but takes more damage over time, Galek who is a brute but a defense shredder, debuffer and debuffer and Athel who has many self buffs, but I don’t like playing.

You might find people who like the same heroes as I do, but you will have to see them yourself.

You can read our article on Raid Shadow Legends Spider’s Den best starting hero and all their skills, as well as an explanation of why we chose them as the best.

Make as many summons as possible

You might be concerned that you will need to save 100k to summon the Sacred Shard. But, guess what? The shard is what makes it work! I later discovered that the 100k does not buy the shard but opens it.

You should open every Shard you receive, whether it comes as a reward or as a quest drop. You can open them immediately after they are given to you, as it only costs 500 Silver to open them.

You will always have a variety of characters to choose, no matter what enemy you face.

The summon can give you a lot of surprises, so don’t be afraid to try them.

Get started quickly

You might feel tempted to try many things when you’re just starting out. However, many of the great features in the game are locked until you get more advanced.

I recommend that you go through the stages as many times as possible and as far as you are able. You will gain a level for every 1-2 levels, whether you pass or not. It’s easy to get leveled up from the beginning. You should try to get as far as possible, and then level up quickly until you unlock the Dungeons.

Once you have unlocked the Dungeons, I recommend that you level up there by doing and repeating levels for Summon Shards and other goodies. You can also unlock Champion Masteries to make your Dungeons even more powerful.

You will be able to level up much faster once you have the Dungeons.

Get more Market Slots ASAP

Once you are able to level enough to open the Market it will be a bit of a financial investment. However, I recommend investing the Gems, Silver and Silver that you have so far in the opening 6 slots. Although it will cost you a lot of Silver and most of your Gems (or all of them), it is really worth it.

You will receive a new item for every slot that is unlocked. These items can be anything from Heroes and Artifacts, to Shards, and can be purchased for Silver. There’s no way to know what you might get so keep an eye out for new items.

Every hour, the Market will refresh for free. Make sure to check it every hour! It can be refreshed by force using 5 Gems. However, it is not recommended as you may not get what your looking for so it could go to waste.

Remember to use the Sparring Pit

The Sparring Pit will only have one slot available for free. It can’t do much initially, but it is still very useful. This basically allows you to level up a hero that you choose.

You simply need to select the hero you wish to passively level up and then send it to Sparring Pit. After the game has completed its boost, you will have a leveled hero without needing to add it to your party.

This is a great way to get a new hero, but not waste time. This can be done to level up your hero, but I strongly recommend that you not disband the party that you’ve created to help the new hero.

Get Sacred Shards free of charge!

There are many types of summoning Shards. The best is the Sacred Shard. There are many things you can do to get one free. Logging in every day for a month is one way to get a free Sacred Shard.

After 28 consecutive days of logging in to the game, claiming daily rewards and completing the daily tasks, you will be awarded a free Sacred Shard. You will get many useful items as you go along with the daily rewards, so it’s easy to do.

You can also get a free Sacred Shard by completing all 5 Monthly Quests. These are slightly harder than the Daily Quests and even Weekly Quests but they are well worth the effort.

A third way to get a free Sacred Shard is to complete Progress Missions. This is more difficult, but it’s possible! You’ll need to complete 150 Progress Missions. These can range from upgrading Artifacts to equipping them, or fighting.

If you’re a serious leveler, you should know that you can get a free Sacred Shard once you reach level 60. You now have more motivation to level up!

Use the correct elements to fight

Every champion has an element. The enemy also has one. You may have an advantage or disadvantage in some elements, so I’ll show you how it works!

You will find a tiny icon in the lower left corner of each champion (or enemy icon) icon that has a particular color. It can be any color, including Purple, Blue, Green, or Green. This is the element of the hero.

  • Red is strong vs Blue, and weak vs Green.
  • Blue is strong vs Green, and weak vs Red.
  • Green is strong vs Red, and weak vs Blue.
  • Purple is neutral to any of the Reds, Blues, or Greens.

To ensure that your attacks against the enemy are more effective, make sure you choose your strongest hero and weakest element.

Be a Clan Boss!

You can’t be a hero and kill the Clan Boss solo in one fight. It will ruin you in seconds! It is impossible to defeat the Demon Lord in one fight. You need your Clan mates!

You should try to destroy it every day, slowly, and then hope your clan mates do the exact same. Every day, you’ll receive a free key to do the Clan Boss. Make sure you use it every day! Any little damage helps!

Shadow Legends Tips and Tricks:

Shop -> Gem Shop-> Big Shard Pack – Save 900 Gems The Small Shard Pack will not give you the 11 shards you need for 900, and it will only give 3 Shards.

Shop for the Ancient Shard. Each 3 days, you’ll receive a free Ancient Shard from the Shop. It’s extremely valuable and you may get something great!

Get the daily Mystery Shard for free! The Mystery Shard can also be purchased in the shop. It is available every day, just like the Ancient Shard. This is also available for collection.

Want to spend real money? The Sacred Daily Pack will prove to be the best value. Although it is slightly more costly, the Starter Pack is the most affordable. However, you won’t get a guaranteed Sacred Shard.

Never exchange your Gems for silver! Never! It’s easy to get Silver by farming the Dungeon and doing the Campaign. Don’t waste your hard-earned Gems!

Avoid buying the Gem Mine unless youre swimming in Gems. It’s almost painful to watch the Gem production slow down! It is a waste of Gems and it will take 100 days to get all your Gems back. It will take you 100 days to recover your investment.

– Do you want to earn 3 stars on a Campaign level Wait until your heroes become stronger before you return with only 2. To get 3 stars, you’ll need 2 heroes.

Before you form a team, make sure to check the skills of your heroes. There are some that provide support, others that attack, and some that have HP. Consider the enemy you are facing and decide on the best combination. Before going into battle, level them up. You should also gear them up.

Ensure that each class has the correct Artifact set. Support ones may need Defense or Life set, while Attack ones might require Offense or Lifesteal. Take a look at all the sets to see which one works best for your hero. You can try different combinations!

– Despite all the love, you shouldn’t enter Spider’s Den Dungeon unless at least three strong AoE characters. Don’t do it!

Replay Campaign and Dungeon levels are available if you spot a drop you like, whether it’s a new Champion from Campaign or useful loot from Dungeon.

– Make sure to add points to the Masteries. Also, don’t forget to read the next line. Even if you don’t like the first point, if it leads you to a better one, it’s ok.