Important Reasons To Consider When Hiring A Security Guard

We are in a very uncertain economic climate, and with everything that goes into running a business, safety and security can sometimes be overlooked. However, having a security officer on site at your business during business hours or monitoring the premises after hours has numerous advantages. On-site security not only keeps your business and assets safe, but it also improves the client experience.

Still not convinced that on-site security is essential for your close protection company? Here are the top four reasons to hire a security company.

Theft and vandalism are being reduced.

We know that the presence of a security officer is a very significant deterrent for anyone looking to steal or deface property, whether it’s retail assets or equipment on a building site, or reducing graffiti and vandalism. Managers and staff are likely preoccupied with customers and sales, so having a trained guard on hand provides an extra pair of eyes and ears. Our security officers are continuously on the lookout for suspicious activity and are taught to act quickly and professionally if they spot anything unusual.

NPB Security can provide a digital record of all site data, demonstrating how many thefts or events have been prevented, as well as how much money each client has saved. For example, one of NPB’s shopping center customers decided to go without guards for a six-month term. They saw a rise in crime and building damage during this time, and their insurance premiums rose as a result. The customer has since returned to us, with their theft and vandalism activities, as well as their insurance costs, reduced.

A mobile patrol can be quite useful if your firm is concerned about a building or construction site being vandalized after hours. Guards can cover huge regions in a vehicle and spot check if they fear an issue is occurring or has already occurred with a mobile service. We use cutting-edge technology to notify clients of each guard’s on-site movements via GPS tracking. We can also collect videos and photographs to give to clients as soon as they discover something has happened in order to assist with incident reporting.

Customer service and employee support have both improved.

It’s no secret that customers who have a positive experience at a location are more inclined to return. Security guards are frequently the initial point of contact and interaction for workers and consumers, whether at a retail location, an event, or a mine site, so providing a favorable experience is critical. At NPB, we make sure that all of our guards receive Australian Hotels Association-approved customer service training, ensuring that every client and staff member is met by courteous, professional, and authoritative guards who go above and beyond to provide excellent service.

For businesses with customers or employees leaving late at night and heading to their vehicles, having an on-site security presence is critical. Businesses can rely on security guards to deliver excellent customer service and ensure that their employees and visitors are safe.

With training in how to operate AED equipment and provide potentially life-saving CPR, trained security guards can also assist as first responders in an emergency. This adds another layer of assurance that your employees and customers are safe.

Issues are dealt with quickly.

Alarm systems can be an effective deterrent for robbers, and most businesses now have them installed. An alarm, on the other hand, is only effective if someone hears it. When an alarm is activated, an on-site security presence may respond promptly and effectively, checking and safeguarding the premises. If damage has occurred, NPB Security can provide real-time information and help arrange for quick short-term window and door repairs while more permanent repairs are made. This expert and timely response allows activities to resume as soon as feasible, minimizing lost income.

An on-site security presence can also help after hours with phone calls, maintenance inquiries, and aiding clients with information and venue access – at hotels, for example – at any hour of the night, allowing staff to relax.

Keeping meticulous records

Security firms can update clients on events, locations, and any other necessary information in a digital format to be as effective as possible and limit the quantity of paper utilized in the workplace. NPB Security, for example, has a cutting-edge digital reporting system built over more than a decade of experience. This solution not only improves transparency by allowing clients to watch guards’ movements on their property using GPS, but it also provides real-time data and accurate incident reports in an easy-to-read format.

Data aggregation is a new feature of NPB’s digital system that allows customers with many venues in one area to see trends on a weekly or monthly basis across all of their locations. This makes it easier to make more informed business decisions, such as how many security staff to hire on specific evenings.

That concludes our top four considerations when determining whether or not to engage a security guard for your business. Overall, security is an excellent investment that may help secure not just your employees but also your assets.