Pear Shaped Body: What Type Of Skirt Would Be The Best?

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Welcome back to another tutorial, this time on the most flattering skirts for pear shapes. We just published an article on swimwear for various body types, so we felt it would be appropriate to continue the conversation about how to dress for a specific body type.

A brief explanation of the pear shape is required.

A lady with a pear shape has a narrow waist and hips that are wider than her shoulders. This body shape is also characterized by a larger back and a smaller chest. In case you were wondering, this is also the most common body shape among women.

Dressing a pear shape is straightforward because there are so many alternatives to choose from. A-line dresses look wonderful on pear shapes, and slacks, leggings, and denim, in particular, look great. You can easily rock any ensemble if you experiment with different tops.

The topic for today is hanfu skirt, and we’ll look at what kinds of skirts you should wear if you have a pear body shape. The reason we’re concentrating on skirts is that many women with this body type avoid wearing them.

Because of your broad hips and typically bigger thighs and back, not all skirts are flattering, and some of you have given up on skirts entirely, which is terrible.

Skirts are an excellent choice for a woman’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable and attractive, and you can choose a skirt for any occasion.

Let’s get started with the types of skirts you should wear, why they’ll work best for your body type, and some recommendations on what to look for in a skirt, without further ado.

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Skirts with a lot of movement

The best skirts are flowy skirts, which look well on most ladies. They’re especially good for women with huge thighs because the focus is drawn to the pleats, folds, and flow of the fabric, rather than your legs.

Long skirts that don’t cling to your thighs and legs are also an option. They aid in the creation of a longer and slimmer silhouette, allowing you to reap multiple benefits at once.

A-line skirts that end just below the knees are typically considered flowing. These are fantastic, especially if you have big thighs. A-line skirts are ideal for people who are just getting started in the fashion world, especially for women who dislike wearing skirts in general.

Another fantastic option is a circle skirt. They are longer and wider than A-line dresses. They’re really sophisticated and look fantastic with high heels. Circular skirts have a lot of movement and are quite comfortable.

On a skirt, the Waist

You can simply operate with a smaller waist in a pear-shaped woman. You should really polish it up and flaunt it. We recommend looking for skirts with a medium-height waist that elongates the hips for this.

This will draw attention to your curves, while the flare of the cut will, as previously stated, accentuate your legs.


The skirt’s length is also important. Mini skirts are not very flattering, so we advise you to avoid them.

The optimal length is from the knees down, which will look amazing on you and is also a comfortable length in general, as you can easily walk around and sit without fear of any mishaps.


Because of the way it molds and makes the hips and thighs seem, flowy skirts are the greatest option for a pear shaped body. This is owing to the fact that they are too big.

A skirt that is overly clinging on the body, on the other hand, is a no-no.

Especially the ones that are stretchy or really tight. Because the hips, thighs, and back are all visible, they are rarely flattering on curvy women. Unless that’s what you’re after, we’d advise you to stay away from them.

Colors and Prints

This is where the fun begins. While we previously stated that tight skirts are not a smart choice, if you really must wear one, go for prints and patterns. Stripes or lines, in particular, will aid to detract attention from the thighs’ breadth.

You can use whatever color you want for the background. If you’re new to the world of skirts, start with classic colors like black or beige that you can wear anyplace.

Also, before we say our goodbyes, stay away from glossy prints or glitter. They are not just a little too much in our opinion, but they will quickly call attention to the legs.


That’s it for a quick and easy way to finding the ideal skirt for a pear-shaped figure. Look forward to seeing you in the next one!